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  1. You're my hero. My roommate canceled the sports package this morning. Was real confused why my recording was black.
  2. About half the time I can get this terrible site to work on my laptop. Somehow the mobile app is perfect every time. Don't love watching the game on my cell but happy I can get something.
  3. Love the black jerseys, always have. I wish the whites and greens didn't have any color on the shoulder, I think they would look cleaner with the layout they chose. That's just my opinion though.
  4. Jost added to Canada's roster at the worlds.
  5. Wolanin playing for the US at the worlds
  6. Not a chance Turcotte goes top 4, maybe top 10, probably between 12 and 16. Zegras is going to go before him for sure, he's a top 6 talent. He was the center on the Caulfield Hughes lines the last two games. That kid is special, unbelievable vision and awareness. Whoever takes him and I hope it's my team the Blackhawks. I do want them to take Bowen though. Imagine Zegras's vision setting up Kaner or Debrincat(although he has that in Strome).
  7. Rizzo fell from 57 at the midterm to 84 final rankings. Blaisdell from 52 to 80 and Caulfield from 50 to 67. Not great to see for our recruits. On the positive side Pinto is at 28 and could rise more if he keeps tearing up the USHL playoffs, might sneak into the end of the first like JBD.
  8. Only player on team USA without a point, but man was he good today. Always in the right position, great net front presence, set up a nice pass where the guy rang it off the post.
  9. I've got the whole thing set to record on NHL Network, unfortunately I'm with family until Sunday night. I'm hoping I see a better game than you saw. I've read he's tough to play against. Wondering how many of the top players on the U18 team have aged out and how that affects where they put him in the lineup.
  10. I'm pretty sure he broke his collarbone. That's where he grabbed when he rolled over and the way he skated off.
  11. Barking up the wrong tree bud. I've been trying to figure that out for years. Those who know don't share why. I get it, it's a forum for hockey talk not gossip about someone's personal life, but it is annoying.
  12. He put up good numbers in the USHL 25 pts in 28 games playing on the third line. I know the USNTDP is stacked so it can be deceiving but that's good numbers in limited minutes.
  13. Pinto moves up to 28 in final draft rankings for NA skaters. Caulfield at 67, Blaisdell at 80, and Rizzo at 84. Donovon drops to 97. Luke Bast at 137, Cameron Rowe at 4 for NA goalies. So possibly a 2nd, 3rd, two 4ths for forwards, you could drop the 3rd to a 4th and the 4th rounders to the 5th dependant on how strong the international skaters are this year. That's a good haul next season regardless of whether or not Rizzo comes in.
  14. You're entitled to your own opinion but personally I don't think that's a five. 2 min roughing in my book. If that's a five then almost every skirmish in an nchc rivalry game would be a 5.
  15. Make sure to tweet #cawlidgehawkey so bucci can continue to announce these games forever.... Already sent mine in. Kyle Marker for the W
  16. Holy cow that's embarrassing they didn't call that. He didn't hit him that hard but that's the whole reason you could review it to prevent cheap shots. That and a play like guch's cupcheck.
  17. Exactly what I was thinking. He has never scored outside of Minnesota high school hockey statisically speaking. That's why I'm higher on the recruits we have coming in. Not saying he won't be good in the future but he probably won't produce until his late sophomore or early junior year. That seems to be the opposite of what we need and would end support for him based on our fan base me included. I haven't given up on guys like Adams but I expected much more.
  18. Please more of these! That goal when he dove and banged it in. That kid was fun to watch.
  19. Good for him, that's a big contract for what he's been in the NHL. I hope his brother can get out of STL, always thought he'd be a very good 2nd pairing Dman.
  20. Rhett Gardner Texas Stars, 2 penalty minutes in 4 AHL games. Is this the same Rhett Gardner that played here?
  21. NDSU grad, freaking idiot, good dude though.
  22. Big request, please feel free to ignore. If you have the time to be vocal about this weekend please do. I'm "stuck" at a wedding all weekend. I'd like to find out how we're playing and if I should watch my recordings when I get home Tuesday.
  23. Yup, would love to see an Eidsness/Dell situation play out. One of the two forces the other one out....in a good way where they both stay. Although I could see Scheel pushing Thome to transfer with Rowe in the pipeline. Maybe Rowe plays two years of juniors and Thome graduates.
  24. Also because I'm lazy what's the eligibility of Stratton playing a year in the WHL? He was what 16? Seems like a shame to punish a kid at that age.
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