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  1. Two left for both nights. Thanks
  2. 116 row G, $40/ea. email mikeydsmailbox@gmail.com. Thanks. Go Sioux
  3. sieve

    8 LB for Playoff Series

    All tickets are sold. Thank you. Go Sioux
  4. 116 Row G. $40 for both nights. The third night comes with but will not be needed . email mikeydsmailbox@gmail.com Go Sioux.
  5. sieve

    4 LB both nights v SCSU

    All tix have been sold - thanks. Go Sioux
  6. 116 row G. $45/each. Please email mikeydsmailbox@gmail.com. Go Sioux.
  7. Sec 116, Row G above ND bench. $40/ea. Please email mikeydsmailbox@GMail.com Thanks
  8. Section 116, Row G, 5 rows behind North Dakota bench. Will split into pairs. $50/ticket. Can meet at game tonight or Grand Forks tomorrow. Please email MikeyDsmailbox@gmail.com GO SIOUX!!!
  9. sieve

    4 Lower for Bemidji

    Two left in interested. Thanks
  10. sieve

    4 Lower for Bemidji

    G. Above Sioux bench and tunnel.
  11. Section 116. Would prefer to trade for pair of Duluth (road) tickets, otherwise $45. Will split into pairs. Email mikeydsmailbox@gmail.com. Thanks and go Sioux.
  12. sieve

    4 Lower Bowl Sat

    Tix are sold - thank you for your interest. Go Sioux
  13. 116 Row G. $50 each. Will deliver at Friday's game after first period in Sioux Shop. Email mikeydsmailbox@gmail.com. Go Sioux
  14. sieve

    Two lower for Friday 1.13

    SOLD - Go Sioux.