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  1. Adams so far hasn't shown to be a two way player.
  2. Worked well for Womens hockey tea......
  3. Good thing too, as he was terrible last Friday.
  4. Nice to see nobody bitching about Cam tonight. Who's to blame now?
  5. Foolish talk. I played goaltender and Thome has rebound control problems and positional issues. He's all over the place. There is a reason Cam gets the call most nights.
  6. Bad angle? He picked the corner with a wicked wrister. He wasn't challenged by Mismash and that makes it a difficult save. Maybe you need to watch the play again. Cam was pulled because the boys weren't helping their own goaltender.
  7. You don't remember Berry giving Hak a lot of praise after they won?
  8. Again, these boys are primarily Haks. We have yet to really see Berrys game. When his recruits come in over the next few years we will see what he has. All your talk is pointless. Berry isn't hakstol, and I'm sure Berry has his own ideas for this Program. People need to learn how the system works off the ice.
  9. Are you joking... I clearly stated that all of the coaches are involved, but it was Haks team, and he was primary. You don't know what you are talking about.
  10. No offense to a lot of people here, but hardly any of them really know what goes on. Sure, people watch the games but that would be the extent of their hockey knowledge.
  11. LOL no. Recruiting is done by all coaches but the head coach is the primary guy. It's his team and his systems. Berrys recruits wont be here for years.....
  12. 16 or 18 not quite sure, and yes that wasn't Cams fault. Grade A chance and the guy ripped it.
  13. Thank you! Someone on here who actually understands how this stuff works!
  14. Sadly for me, I saw it coming. He plays like a gopher.
  15. we have three 3rd liners coming in.......yikes.
  16. It's very simple people. We have an average team. Haven't had one since 03
  17. Split would have been better. I like wins....
  18. Same, but the elbow to the head is so incredibly obvious. Smith should be benched for it.
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