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  1. Only 14k for announces attendance bison fatigue setting in
  2. Relax Bubba is not going anywhere, chaves just tweeted out his support and continuing to build with bubba
  3. He was banged up last week
  4. Thanks my app just launched
  5. That and for whatever reason the team doesn’t do a walk thru at the stadium. I have always thought this was odd.
  6. I agree, when healthy is a big threat. But unfortunately he can’t stay healthy week in and week out
  7. Since it’s the playoffs the NCAA arranges and pays for all travel accommodations
  8. Nice forecast, Kett doesn’t do well in the cold. He is a California boy
  9. I wouldn’t be to sure, in the past they haven’t had much of attendance in the first round. I think our bid was pretty aggressive
  10. Recovering from injury last year
  11. Ya because the big sky is so weak, whatever
  12. ND1

    2019 Season

    Spoke to Chaves after the fun luncheon today and he feels confident of the playoffs and hosting... not that I expected anything differently I guess
  13. Only the first round is a bid, after the first round the highest seeded team hosts
  14. I believe the bids were due today, I suspect UND will be aggressive. One would have to guess if it plays into selection. I have been told they first select the teams and then open the bids.
  15. Montana state beats Montana next week, they will be a seeded team and would bode very well for Us
  16. ND1


    Should have played Evan holm today
  17. ND1


    Lucky no PI on us
  18. ND1


    Really Need to review that?
  19. ND1


    Why are we wearing the road white uniforms
  20. ND1


    No kidding, where was that intro for the past home game. Great video and loud
  21. ND1

    Weber St GDT

    What the hell was that
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