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  1. 2018 Season

    Harris, Holm, Blubaugh any of those two and you have solid CBs. You don't know much about football.
  2. 2018 UND Recruiting

    Tanner Palmborg was a PWO. He's solid. Hope Victor is also. #diamondintherough
  3. Non-UND FCS Thread

    Have to admit. NDSU just looks physical, fast and prepared. I hope we can some day play like that in the playoffs. Its going to take a huge shift. NDSU has success and $$$. Questions is which comes first at UND?
  4. 2018 UND Recruiting

    You're correct...offers do have an expiration date. His resume is impressive...hope we can land him.
  5. 2018 UND Recruiting

    If we can beat out Iowa and Iowa State, that would be a huge get. I credit Bubba for going after a kid with FBS offers.
  6. 2018 Roster

    Sometimes in life you get a second chance to make a first impression and impact. Hope he makes the most of this new opportunity and becomes a success story.
  7. Official UND Football Regime Change Thread

    No doubt...drugs are everywhere. But being that GF is such a small town....it tends to magnify in scope. If this were happening in a major city with pro sports teams it may a footnote on the ledger and be lower on the totem pole. I just hope moving forward UND football players steer clear and focus on school and football in that order.
  8. Official UND Football Regime Change Thread

    I'm becoming more concerned with the safety of the students in Grand Forks, period, after reading the latest arrest of the non-football students. Kids running around with AR-15s and $70,000 cash. Really??? When I was in college, I didn't know anyone who had more than $100.00 cash. I have to imagine recruits and their parents are saying to themselves WTF?!?! This appears to be much bigger and more important than football.
  9. Official UND Football Regime Change Thread

    Exactly. People need to understand, depending on the situation and legalities...the whole story will not always be revealed publicly.
  10. Official UND Football Regime Change Thread

    People do know what really went down, but this forum is not the place to broadcast it.
  11. 2018 Roster

    I'm hearing that the 2018 roster will be minus Torrey Hunt and Carter Wilson. Any confirmation?

    Like i said yesterday, its not just coaching...players didn't get the job done either. The coach can't come on the field and block your man for you.

    Thanks for clarifying your wording... (handshake) I'm not willing to say players will "never play well" at UND.... But if we keep the status quo this off season...even with the injured returning, 2018 will be a carbon copy of 2017. This team was unfocused and unprepared this year.

    I say equally because some games we got out prepared and out coached and some games we got outplayed. Some games, we got the triple whammy (out coached/prepared and out played). I know players read this board and they too need to know, they need to step their game up and be responsible for their own success and failures. This is D-1 ball not, Pop Warner. Regarding coaches, its seems like we recruit talent and decent character guys, then it falls apart once they get on campus. I agree, and I have said myself, nutrition, strength/condition, development and schemes all need to be evaluated and improved. That's on the coaches, primarily but not solely.

    To further expand on your statement. Players will or should contribute at different levels. But the coaches should prepare each kid they recruit to contribute somehow to overall team success. Now, its the expectation that the player will make themselves available and ready to contribute through hard work and in our case to avoid suspensions or off the field foolishness. Every kid is not going to be an All-American. But, they should be productive if on the roster.