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  1. Spring Ball 2018

    If I were police officer, I wouldn't waste my time with an infraction like this then have to spend time writing a piss report.
  2. Spring Ball 2018

    Grady would have been an nice feather in the hat for UND football. Too bad he didn't stick around. There was another kid Justus Merz who decided to hang up the cleats before he ever played a down for UND. Not sure if he was from ND. He had a D-1 body.The team down south is on a whole different level than us. Maybe we get there one day, starting with the 2018 season.
  3. Spring Ball 2018

    When I apply my very unscientific and largely ignored hypothesis to determine a player's potential, I consider the level of competition they competed against in high school. Perhaps, ND is not considered a deep pool for football resulting in kids being overlooked. Regional reputation matters, whether its accurate or fair or not. The southern tier states have a reputation of producing football players because of sheer volume Start playing football as soon as they can breathe, walk and hold a ball at the same time
  4. Spring Ball 2018

    I to this day am still wondering how a talent like Jerry Rice, Walter Payton, and many others to include Carson Wentz did not play at the FBS level? Seriously.
  5. Spring Ball 2018

    I agree with its beyond talent why FBS kids don't get playing time. Same can be said at all levels of football (sports in general for that matter). If there is a coaching change, kids that weren't recruited by the current staff tend to get less playing time, personality conflicts between coaches and players, on field performance, scheme compared to ability of the player, etc. all factor in. in recent memory, the RB from UAB Ja'Won Arrington, never made an impact, and Irving Sills was a liability on defense. I know that's a small sample size but not many FBS drop downs light it up at the FCS level. Many should have been at the FCS level to begin with. JUCO kids sometimes have issues with grades or disciplinary issues but can play otherwise. Like Cam Newton who went JUCO before arriving at Auburn.
  6. Spring Ball 2018

    FBS drop downs are not an automatic upgrade; they didn't play at that level for a reason. Just saying. I'd prefer a juco kid versus a drop down. The faulty logic is in the thinking because a kid signed a FBS offer, it means they are automatically better players than FCS players. Scouts, recruiters get it wrong sometimes and sometimes, kids get offers to coax other kids to sigh with an FBS school.
  7. Spring Ball 2018

    My two cents. The UND secondary has struggled to cover for the past few years as a group. See previous message board posts and passing stats by our opponents for cohort data. But, the corner that plays the most physical and providing support in the run game has been Carter. He's been the best tackling corner on the team. So, maybe he could help at the safety position because if he we can't control the line of scrimmage and stop the run, like last year, our safeties will have many chances to make tackles.
  8. Spring Ball 2018

    Essentially, the Sam Houston game will be a playoff game early in the season. If we want to gain respect with the pollsters and get the fans back on board, we have to win this game. We cannot get blown off the field; especially with Washington on the schedule early. We need to find a way to start 2-1. This might be the most important game of the year.
  9. Spring Ball 2018

    The team and all other students are on Spring Break until next Sunday. Hopefully, we'll get some football updates after the break, and none include disciplinary actions.
  10. Spring Ball 2018

    The offense always has an advantage in shorts and t-shirts. Things tend to even out once the pads are on. Hoping QBs continue to shine and DBs get better in the process. Iron sharpens iron.
  11. Spring Ball 2018

    The team had a Saturday practice yesterday, but the regular schedule is M-W-F. Not sure if anyone has been able to attend the practices. But I'm hearing there is a buzz, sort of a newness this spring and the players are excited to be out there working. As Bubba mentioned in his video clip There are some jobs open and kids are enjoying the competition. That's a step in the right direction heading into the 2018 season.
  12. 2018 Season

    Harris, Holm, Blubaugh any of those two and you have solid CBs. You don't know much about football.
  13. 2018 UND Recruiting

    Tanner Palmborg was a PWO. He's solid. Hope Victor is also. #diamondintherough
  14. Non-UND FCS Thread

    Have to admit. NDSU just looks physical, fast and prepared. I hope we can some day play like that in the playoffs. Its going to take a huge shift. NDSU has success and $$$. Questions is which comes first at UND?
  15. 2018 UND Recruiting

    You're correct...offers do have an expiration date. His resume is impressive...hope we can land him.