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    Like i said yesterday, its not just coaching...players didn't get the job done either. The coach can't come on the field and block your man for you.

    Thanks for clarifying your wording... (handshake) I'm not willing to say players will "never play well" at UND.... But if we keep the status quo this off season...even with the injured returning, 2018 will be a carbon copy of 2017. This team was unfocused and unprepared this year.

    I say equally because some games we got out prepared and out coached and some games we got outplayed. Some games, we got the triple whammy (out coached/prepared and out played). I know players read this board and they too need to know, they need to step their game up and be responsible for their own success and failures. This is D-1 ball not, Pop Warner. Regarding coaches, its seems like we recruit talent and decent character guys, then it falls apart once they get on campus. I agree, and I have said myself, nutrition, strength/condition, development and schemes all need to be evaluated and improved. That's on the coaches, primarily but not solely.

    To further expand on your statement. Players will or should contribute at different levels. But the coaches should prepare each kid they recruit to contribute somehow to overall team success. Now, its the expectation that the player will make themselves available and ready to contribute through hard work and in our case to avoid suspensions or off the field foolishness. Every kid is not going to be an All-American. But, they should be productive if on the roster.

    No,there is nothing clueless about me, sorry but nice try. I've said in previous posts that I think the coaches and players share equally in this disaster of a season. Coaches should have players prepared and in the right position to be successful while players should come prepared physically and mentally ready to play. UND failed to consistently accomplish all of the above this season on a consistent basis. I have also said the coaches are teaching flawed technique, especially on defense. Go back and read my previous post. I am in no way letting coaches off the hook. No am I letting players off the hook. Its a player's job to make coaches look smarter than they are. Its the coaches job to create the opportunity for that to happen.

    watching Miami today...their offense was held in check most of today, but the defense has taken over...that's how good teams win. Starts and ends with defense.

    I think Rudolph's play-calling is reflective of the conservative nature of Bubba and himself combined. This staff needs to go back and watch film and copy what worked against us.The offense seemed more fluid against EWU; minus the turnovers, we win that game against a ranked opponent.We are not a smash mouth team...we are best when we stretch field and get guys the ball in space on offense.Bubba and Rudy need to adjust accordingly.

    I think Rudolph has become the scapegoat. Rudolph didn't coach or play defense, and the defense was defenseless this year. Injuries happen, but the guys that played who are also college football players who are also on scholarship, just simply did not get the job done this year. Its not Rudolph's job to control the line of scrimmage, keep contain, tackle and cover opposing receivers.

    After reading others comments and posting my own, I wouldn't exactly call us being in a state of bliss after the way this season unfolded. But, I think its fair to say coaches and players share the blame equally. Players made bone headed mistakes on and off the field. Coaches made bone headed moves also. But, this season is done. Time to climb back down from the ledge and realize, even if we won the championship, its time to reset, evaluate, and get better in preparation for next year. It happens at the pro level; teams win Super Bowl or go to the big game and don't even make the playoffs or get bounced early the following year. Its hard to stay focused and locked in after you've had success sometimes. Why? I don't know but it happens. That doesn't mean you fire all of the coaches and get rid of the players, cheerleaders and mascot. You regroup, reset and get back to work.
  10. Gameday: Hawks vs Da Eags

    There is a lot more to the story, and hopefully, they take the proactive steps to avoid being suspected or suspended in the first place.
  11. Gameday: Hawks vs Da Eags

    After a good nights sleep, preceded by some good food and Crown Royal, I woke up this morning feeling better about next season. I saw something in UND that I hadn't seen in awhile: some fight. After giving up the late TD going into halftime, I thought EWU would blow us out. But, I was wrong. The D pitched a shutout in the second half the the offense came alive and started moving the ball. The fumble at the goal line was a tough luck play. The kid was fighting for the goal line...I liked Carr's effort...it just didn't work out for us. I also saw some freakin pride on display in the second half. Rudolph opened up the playbook and actually had EWU on its heels.
  12. 2018 Season

    that was a good one, Shep.
  13. 2018 Season

    Watching the Miami vs. ND game. I love the "turnover chain" implemented by The U. It looks silly to adults but if young players buy in and force turnovers to get the honor of wearing the chain. I say go for it. Its about motivating your players. Bring the chain the North!
  14. Gameday: Hawks vs Da Eags

    People are waiting for it to leak from the inside (media or coaches) before openly commenting. Those that know are just exercising discretion which is a good thing.
  15. Gameday: Hawks vs Da Eags

    The old highlights they showed today from 2014 reflect a huge disparity in the size of our linemen and team size overall. it was glaring. the strength program better start tomorrow and become a runaway train. Kids should leave UND looking like they know their way around a weight room and dinner table.