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  1. Moving On To The Bobcats

    I think it will be an anomaly too. Sure hope so.
  2. 2018 Fighting Hawks Verbals

    Exactly. This would be a no brainer for all of us in his shoes. My best to the young man.
  3. Game day: F'n Hawks vs Bears

    You're lobbying for Rudolph to get fired? And Bubba has no responsibility? Look I think some of the criticism of Rudy is warranted. But we're not in the offensive meetings to know what Bubba's gameplan for Rudy is or how Rudy grades out after games. There is a real possibility that Bubba is overall pleased with the playcalls because Rudy is running the offense that Bubba wants. Either way there is no question that Bubba wants a run first, ball control, no turnover offense and that is what Rudy calls. Overall we've established that a majority of posters don't like Rudy's play calling. But we don't know Bubba's opinion.
  4. Game day: F'n Hawks vs Bears

    You mean the offense Bubba wants Rudy to run is predictable and has zero creativity. I just want the blame to credited properly.

    Back to funding the football team with leg braces and concussion hats!
  6. Game day: F'n Hawks vs Bears

    Because maybe UND took their heart?

    Yes, I got a handwritten note from Bubba too. Great job coach - I'm happy to help.
  8. Injuries

    I can confirm both statements.
  9. Da Bears

    Awesome. Another Bison thread jack.
  10. UND Fan Experience @ Utah

    We had an outstanding time. - I walked around the tailgating area and everyone was kind - offering us beer and food, asking us questions, showing us their Utah decorated RVs. It was a good atmosphere. Lots of great trailers and set ups. - It's a nice stadium with a beautiful view of the mountains. - The food was inexpensive in the stadium - much appreciated. - I didn't see a ton of unique football traditions during the game. The lighting of the "U" after the win was very cool. Other than that the cannon bit is overdone across the land, the band was OK, ... and that was about it. I've been to a number of Power 5 games and this game had the least amount of traditions I've seen. Not a knock by any stretch, just an observation. - Many people stopped after the game to tell folks in green how good of a game it was. Over and over people said they liked Keaton. There were lots of kind people there. I'm curious how Utah fans react to visitors from Washington or USC, etc (not BYU obviously!). - We visited In and Out, Temple Square, the state capital, Park City, and the Olympic Training Center. We really enjoyed all of it. All in all it was a very worthwhile trip and I'm very happy we went. I appreciate how kind the fans were.... they left a great lasting impression.
  11. Gameday vs Utah

    Even when the O doesn't score we have to avoid 3 and outs. We need to keep the defense off the field.

    Donation made. Let's keep the ball rolling!
  13. Utah Predictions

    Many of the most important ingredients are there for UND to have a shot against a superior team: they don't typically turn the ball over, a senior QB, a strong defense. I'm hoping for a couple of breaks - if so we'll be in the game.
  14. Greetings from Salt Lake

    Great athlete, live arm, scrambles well, likes flute music in his highlight films.

    OK but the scholarships are not funded by the university either... they are donated by individuals. I'm not sure what other football related items are funded by the university and what is donated but it appears we may be surprised if we really knew who actually pays the "cost of doing business" if we had access to their spreadsheet.