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  1. I think we know what Ralph would do. Wasn’t that long ago Ralph said to a professor if he could he would fire her ass for taking a stance that Ralph didn’t like. who knows what’s going on between theses two but why piss off our biggest donor.
  2. A1%raise for all university employees would cost 2.16 million per year according to figures I received from the state office of budget. What do you think all university employees thought when the hockey coach receives $100,000 per year raise and the rest of the employees can’t even receive a 1% raise.
  3. UND Budget Cuts

    Bismarck state is a two year school and I believe has more students than Dickinson,Minot, Mayville or Valley City. Thes 4 year schools all have university titles, they need to get back to being 4year colleges and leave the two universities for advanced degrees. Why are we duplicating advanced degrees at these schools?
  4. A mascot is fine but to waste $32000 on this is crazy, but no pay raises for employees i would think the marketing students could have done this for a project, give a few scholarships away to the winners
  5. Time to quit bidding on regionals just play hockey and go where they send us to
  6. President Kennedy Candidate for UCF President's Job

    Wonder if he gets the job they will give him his own party secretary and things he wanted here because he was so important
  7. 2018-19 Season

    Tourney will be better tho
  8. 2018-19 Season

    Still like the big sky
  9. Hopefully that gives Avants enough time to heal anyone know what the injury was
  10. We covered the spread 1 1/2 point favorite and won by 2
  11. Why do our players lose their man on 3 pointers cant this be coached
  12. How do you come out flat knowing this may be your last game 3 defense stinks
  13. 2017-18 Season

    Looking the box score shooting 34% turnovers 16
  14. 2017-18 Season

    I think his substituting really changed the game for the worse not sure what he is thinking