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  1. Does Denver go back-to-back like they have for titles #2 and #3, #4 and #5, and #6 and #7? Does Montgomery go to the NHL? Denver loses 9 seniors. My guess is Terry, Gambrell, Borgstrom, and Jaillet are early departures. I'm going to predict that the NCHC gets 3 teams in the Frozen Four and gets title #3 for the conference. The NCHC has progressed on number of teams make the Frozen Four and how many make the title game each year. I want UND to get #9 or does Denver continue their tradition of going back-to-back. I'd like to see Colorado College end their 60 year National Title drought, but I'm sure that will continue next year. Two head coaching jobs filled at Omaha and RPI (not sure if Canisius promoted their assistant yet). So Who does Michigan State hire, who does Michigan Tech hire, does Red retire, and does Mel come back to Michigan like some rumors are saying? DaveK's hot take is Penn State will make the Frozen Four next year and they will win a National Title in 2019. NCHC 2 B1G 0
  2. Olympic Hockey

    Czechs win 4-1 They are saying US will play Germany next.
  3. Olympic Hockey

    4-1 Czechs
  4. Olympic Hockey

    3-1 Czechs on a weird bounce that the defenseman couldn’t handle.
  5. Olympic Hockey

    With about 3 minuets left in the game Switzerland decided they need no goalie.
  6. Olympic Hockey

    How is Jagr not playing in the Olympics?
  7. Olympic Hockey

    2-1 Czechs
  8. 2017-2018 College Hockey (Non-UND Hockey)

    Video of the ASU - Michigan Tech fight. Bryce Derouin @B_DEROUIN FIGHT!!!! Michigan Tech and Arizona State players and coaches go at it after Tech’s 5-3 win. 1:54 Eden Laase @eden_laase Anyone looking for footage of the fight here is part of it. ASU coach Greg Powers said Tech coach Joe Shawhan was “bush league” and his behavior was “unacceptable.” Shawhan said he was just trying to go talk to the opposing coaching staff with no bad intentions. 0:14
  9. Olympic Hockey

    Czech and Switzerland tied 1-1
  10. 2017-2018 College Hockey (Non-UND Hockey)

    Chris Dilks trolling the Gophers during a proposal to one of their cheerleaders. Chris Dilks @ChrisDilks I hate when people make proposals at big gatherings in front of a lot of people, so good for this guy doing it right. Nate Wells @gopherstate Proposal alert! Show this thread
  11. Olympic Hockey

    Wasted a 4x3 pp to start OT too.
  12. Olympic Hockey

    Germany scored three straight goals to win the shootout 3-0.
  13. Olympic Hockey

    Norway needed to have Hoff and Forsberg out together.
  14. Olympic Hockey

    How Norway doesn’t put Hoff out there on the 4x3 pp in OT.
  15. Olympic Hockey

    4x3 OT coming up
  16. Olympic Hockey

    Hoff is more skilled then most of players on Norway.
  17. Olympic Hockey

    What a bad time for Germany to take a penalty.
  18. Olympic Hockey

    1-0 Germany
  19. 2017-2018 College Hockey (Non-UND Hockey)

    Nate Wells retweeted the start of the fight.