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  1. Tournament Run

    Fargo the first time around was so much fun
  2. Twins ?

    Well there now there is one gaping hole in the lineup Polanco gets banned for 80 games for PEDs Of course with Sano's ruling on his suspension lurking the Twins could be without their left side of the infield for a good chunk of the season
  3. 2018 March Madness

    It happened. a 16 beat a 1
  4. Conference Realignments - Take 2

    So from a Summit perspective, how do they get to 10? From a Coyote perspective, who would you like to see brought in (realistic or pipedream)
  5. New Steam Plant

    That would also take a TON off of deferred maintenance correct? Wait, new buildings? I thought UND was being bulldozed one building at a time.
  6. New Steam Plant

    About damn time
  7. It's time...for the annual Hoggsbreath Brunch!

    I would love to come to this one of these years....just won’t be this year. i promise to keep the non-hockey talk to a minimum.
  8. Next Season

    My list of players who need to have a great offseason, in order of importance 1) Walter 2) Stewart 3) Brown 4) Jaqwan 5) Seales
  9. UND to cut women's hockey

    Just because players are having success on other teams doesn't always mean they would have success on the same team together. A better question to be asking is how this team had all that talent and only went 16-16-6?
  10. NORTH DAKOTA vs. uno mavs - GAME 2 GAMEDAY

    It needed to be done in 2 They got it done in 2.
  11. UND stormed all the way back from a 19 point deficit in the 2nd half to advance to the Quarterfinals over Montana State. Now the task gets harder as they take on the top seed, Montana. Realistically, this should the last game that UND ever plays in the Big Sky. The Griz have had a great season and all signs appear to be that this is finally the year that Travis breaks through to the NCAAs. However, it is March after all and anything can happen. Wouldn't it just be a great parting gift if UND could beat the Griz and Weber one more time as conference members? How UND can pull the upset: 1) Limit Akoh: He has been a nightmare for UND to deal with. If they cannot get him into foul trouble, UND is going to have to help because he has the size and ability to beat UNDs posts one on one. I'd take my chances with the Griz guards 2) 3 point shooting: If UND is going to win, they need to shoot the ball very well from the outside. If they can get to 50% from downtown, they will have a great chance. Likewise, UND needs to play great perimeter D. 3) Geno and Marlon need to be huge and outplay the Griz guards. If Marlon can put up another performance like he did against MSU, that would be awesome. 4) Limit the Griz to 1 shot. They cannot get eaten up on the boards. Other Quarterfinal Matchups: #4 Weber verses #5 UNC #3 EWU verses #6 PSU #2 Idaho verses #10 SUU Upset Alert: EWU. PSU plays a style that can make things difficult for any team. They are more than capable of pulling this off. The Fallen: Idaho State: Disappointing end to a improved season by the Begnals. Great core of sophomores coming back next year. Its one thing to go from bad to okay, now can they take the next step from okay to good. They could contend for a first round bye next year. Montana State: Just plain disappointing, major questions to be answered for next year. Will Hall stay? What about Frey? Fish will be on the hot seat for sure after another disappointing season and another first round flameout. Sacramento State: Tough season overall, say goodbye to Strings but have a good piece to build around in Patton. Might be another tough go next year Northern Arizona: Another awful year, and who knows if this team will stay together. Could it be time for a new coach? The call: In a 7 games series, the Griz would probably win in 5 games. However, in a one game format anything can happen. A lot is going to have to go UNDs way to pull this off. They need to win the battle of the boards, they need Geno and Marlon to play like stars, Seales and Avants to be healthy enough to be productive, and the bench to score above their averages. They also need to find a way to solve the Akoh puzzle. I personally think it is going to be a close game and wouldn't be surprised if UND jumped ahead right away. To me, if UND pulls this off, they ride the momentum all the way to the final. My head says the Griz will end the dream.. but damn it, the heart wants what it wants! Geno hits a buzzer beater to shock the Griz. Heart: UND 81-80 (My head says Griz 84-75 however)
  12. Twins ?

    They address their two biggest issues in the offseason quite well Should look at a 90 win team this year
  13. Next Season

    For clarification on the guard depth: Are you suggesting that there will be guards that will be leaving or you don't think very highly of them as a group or both?
  14. I appreciate that and always looked forward to doing them. Should be another fun year next year and hopefully with better post with a little more time on my hands.
  15. Next Season

    IF things stand the way they are. I would guess this starting lineup Geno Stewart Seales Avants Jal
  16. UND to cut women's hockey

    The bigger issue wasn't so much Minnesota and Wisco (they had surpassed Duluth by that time), they never could avoid stubbing their toe in non-conference or dropping one to Mankato or St. Cloud. If they had found a way to avoid that, they would have had more NCAA appearances. They had a goalie that could have led them to a title, its a shame she only got one crack at it her freshman year when they last made the NCAAs
  17. Double him every single time he touches the ball. They are going to have to live with giving the Griz open shots from the perimeter.
  18. They put that in around half court. Its like old school College Slam on Sega.
  19. I'm looking forward to being there next year
  20. President Kennedy Candidate for UCF President's Job

    When he is in Sioux Falls? He isn't going to get the job. I would be absolutely stunned if they picked him.
  21. President Kennedy Candidate for UCF President's Job

    Wouldnt you believe that if it wasnt a valid reason why he missed out we would have heard it by now and it would have been a massive talking point for 2 weeks?
  22. Well, the season ended with a missed opportunity to sweep the road trip with an OT loss to Portland State. UND now turns its attention to the conference tournament in Reno, where if they want to defend their crown, they need to win 4 straight. First up on the docket, the Bobcats of MSU. For the most part, it was fully expected that UND was going to be playing in the first round in the beginning of the season. Not so much MSU... they were discussed as one of the potential favorites amongst the Griz, Weber, and Idaho. The 4-0 start game them hope... then finished 2 and 12 for the rest of the year and fell all the way to 9th place. Now the Bobcats have talent and they are more than capable of putting together a run to forget about this season. If they flame out, there will be a lot of questions going into next about about Hall, Frey and perhaps the coach. UND has had an up and down season. At some points, UND was capable of playing with the best of the conference. At others, they played like the bottom of the conference. If there has been one thing in the Jones era at UND, its this. When it comes to conference tournaments, they are more than capable of making a run. In every BSC they have made (minus the one they missed in 14-15) they have at least made the semis. Doing it this time, will require a major upset. To me: If UND really wants to have a shot at this. I think it will really come down to one guy. If I was Jones, I take this player, sit him down in a room, pull up YouTube of the 2011 Big East Conference Tournament, and state this: Be like Kemba Geno! Because that is what it will take for UND to make a deep run in this tournament. The rest of the team will need to do its part as well, but the star needs to play like a star. These teams played twice this year, each splitting on their home courts. Keys to the Game: 1) Who starts well: MSU is a wounded animal, UND needs to jump of them immediately and get off to a strong start. Don't give them any confidence going forward. 2) Guard the 3 ball: In the first matchup, MSU was hitting bombs from 3. The second matchup not so much. UND needs to play that great defense around the perimeter that they are capable of playing. 3) UND bench: Brown and Walter need to be productive off the bench. They gave some good numbers this weekend, now can they do it this week. Other Games: #5 UNC vs #12 NAU #7 ISU vs #10 SUU #6 PSU vs #11 SAC Who should win easy: UNC Upset alert: ISU The call: The truth is either of these teams can make a deep run in Reno. They also can get blown out by 20 in the first round. UND has players that have many BSC tournament games under their belt, they know what they need to do. MSU only has two games in the BSC tournament the last two years. I think all the pressure is on the Bobcats believe it or not and it will show. UND gets off to a great start. Geno goes for 25+ and UND will advance to take on the Griz. UND 83-71
  23. 2-13 in the last 15 games and this was supposedly their year this year. They have a lot of questions they need to get answered.