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  1. 2017-18 Season

    Lets get this one fired up. Got a share of the conference title, but had an early exit in Reno. Have a great core of juniors and should be a top team in the conference once again. Here is the schedule as far as I know 12/18 SMSU (exh) 12/28 @ Idaho 12/30 @ EWU 1/4 Montana 1/6 Montana St 1/11 @ ISU 1/13 @ Weber 1/20 UNC 1/25 EWU 1/27 Idaho 2/1 @ Montana State 2/3 Montana 2/8 Weber 2/10 ISU 2/15 @ SUU 2/17 @ NAU 2/24 @ UNC 2/28 SAC 3/2 PSU
  2. I think amongst the W Hockey community as a whole is still this fear of this becoming a trend and the thinking of "Well UND did it, why can't we?" Here is the thing: Yes, UND did cut it but it took several circumstances to do it and if you had change one thing... I think we are having a different conversation right now.
  3. Minnesota Vikings 2017 2018

    As for the Eagles: I don't care what Vegas says, they are the favorites in this matchup and should be treated as such. While their offense isn't as great as the Saints is, that defense is much better and Philly will be crazy loud. It will be very low scoring. I think it will come down to ball security and who can make more throws that the other in the Backup Bowl.
  4. UND (5-11, 1-4) vs Weber (10-6, 3-1) 1/13 2 PM

    I didn't get a chance to watch this on Saturday, but watched it on Sunday. I was surprised, yes I picked them to win but fully expected them to lose at home. Many positive to talk about here, but the biggest one to me was they punched back every time Weber made a run. When Weber would get it down to 3,4 points, UND pushed it back up to 8-9 points. They aren't doing that 2 weeks ago. Geno had an impressive game, they need more of this Geno going forward. Seales was stuffing the stat sheet again and finally hit a few 3 pointers. He has had a nice 3 games so far. This one was his best because he was matched up against the 6'9 Chapman and he owned him. The Zone offense is improved. It could be the change in personal going with the 4 guards or a different mindset, but they are attacking the zone much better, the ball and off-ball movement is improved, there is a lot less standing around, and yes they are hitting shots or if they missed the shot it was a good look because of good ball movement. The Bench has gotten better, it is basically now 3 guys with Brown and Buchanan getting most of the minutes. This game Walter stepped up and provided the punch from the bench. Tray had a clunker today but has been solid so far in conference play and Brown had some flashes in the last 2. Dale only had 9 minutes, but was 3/5 from downtown. Wasn't Avants best from the stat sheet. So where does UND go from here. 1/3 through the conference season and they are sitting at 2-4, for comparison sake here are the conference records through 6 games in previous seasons 12-13: 2-4 13-14: 3-3 14-15: 2-4 15-16: 3-3 16-17: 4-2 So despite some disasters, the records are comparable.. but this 3 game conference road stretch is critical. @ UNC, @ EWU, @ Idaho. If they can get 2 out of these 3 and get home 4-5 in conference play,the 2nd half of the conference schedule gets "softer" towards the end of the season so they can start to pile up some wins and climb back into the standings. IF, they can keep playing like they are and keep getting better.. which mean we need more of this Geno. Before that, they need to exact a little revenge against that school down south tomorrow.
  5. UND put together their first complete game since the Zags matchup and it showed itself with a blowout win at home verses the Bengals. Next up is a matchup against perennial league power Weber State, who looks to change a trend in this matchup, losing 4 out of their last 5 against UND. The Wildcats are coming off a tough 4 point win down in Greely. The Series still tilts in Weber's Favor, 9-4 all time and they hold a 3-2 advantage in Grand Forks, however UND has won the last 2 in GF. When you think of Big Sky Basketball, it is really hard to not have Weber pop up first in your head. Coach Rahe once again has a solid team that is capable of once again representing the Big Sky in the NCAA tournament. They managed to shore up a few areas where they were not the Weber teams of old, having Utah transfer Chapman eligible after sitting out last year. pairing him with Braxton has them with a solid footing in the frontcourt. However, what Weber is really known for is its guards and they have another special one on the court. Despite the hiccup at home verses Idaho State, they have managed to win the next three and would like to get out of this road swing with a sweep before hosting SAC/PSU next week. Player to Watch: Jerrick Harding UND fans remember that the dream season of last year almost ended in the BSC Finals, they needed OT to take down Weber, and one of the biggest reasons why was the emergence of this kid out of Wichita. Now the Sophomore guard has taken a bigger step and has become one of the best guard in the conference and appears to be the next great Weber guard. More importantly, he put up pretty good numbers against UND in the three matchups last year, including that 18 point performance in the BSC Finals. He could very well be a 50-40-90 guy when it is all said and done this year. He can do it all. Things to watch: 1) How will UNDs small ball lineup compete with the Weber Bigs: Coach Jones has relied more on a 4 guard + Dale/Avants lineup over the last two games and has gotten decent results out of it so far. Now comes the test, as there will be a mismatch at the 4 spot in height. If this lineup comes to fruition, it will be important that they knock down shots and be very strong rebounders out of this lineup. If UND can keep it close to even on the board, they will have a great chance 2) When Will Geno emerge? While the balanced scoring has been great, for UND to take the next step they need their best player to play like their best player. We have not seen it since the Zags game, but perhaps Weber will be the magic elixir, since the 2nd matchup his freshman year he has put up some very solid number against the Wildcats. You would think the Harding/Geno matchup would be a good individual battle Other Games: (Idaho went into EWU and came away with a 58-51 victory on Friday, evening both of their records at 3-2) ISU (3-1) @ UNC (2-3): Both teams are coming into this one with this main question: How good are they really? ISU got smacked against UND and UNC dropped its 3rd in a row against the leagues best. UNC needs to avoid getting swept and to get back on track, while ISU could salvage a split and take some of the sting out of the loss against UND. Griz (5-0) @ PSU (2-2): The Griz avoided one trap but now have another one here against the Vikings in Portland. They already have taken down the Cats and if they can do the same against the Griz, they can find themselves right back into the thick of the conference race. Cats (4-1) @ SAC (1-3): MSU could not avoid the trap and lost in Portland, now they need to forget that and prepare for a Sac State team that never makes it easy on anybody who comes into the Hornets Nest. Yes the record says 1-3 but they already have given the Griz and Vandals fits. Can't look ahead to next weeks tilt against the Griz just yet. NAU (0-4) @ SUU (0-4): Somebodies 0 has got to go in this one, both teams have had chances early in the season to do just that but have come up short. SUU is a better team but need to start showing it in their record, NAU is still looking for any positive momentum to avoid another disastrous season. The Call: UND has shown some growth in the last two games and it finally resulted in a victory, but if you want to show that you are potentially turning the corner follow the advice of Steely Dan:, You go back, Jack, do it again. Beating Weber and getting to 2-4 with a tough 3 game conference road swing coming up is a lot better than being 1-5. Jones has thrown 4 guard lineups against Weber in the past with various amounts of success, but if they are going to come away with the win, they need to build off of their ISU performance. One other note: this is a quick turnaround for Weber, so they might start sluggish.. if they do UND needs to jump on that. I am having a head/heart debate: My head says Weber will be too much and UND will play great and come up just short... my heart says Geno finally snaps out of it and has a monster game and they pull out a OT thriller. You know what... the heart wins here. Geno goes for 25+, they stay close on the boards and Seales stuffs the stat sheet again. UND 81-77 OT Other games: Griz, UNC, SUU, MSU
  6. Minnesota Vikings 2017 2018

    That play was awesome, but so was the 3rd down stop that forced the field goal with :28 left. Saints pick that up, they bleed it out for the win.
  7. NFL 2017-2018 Season

    Damn it Steelers, you had one job!
  8. New AD posting and hiring process

    Well for EWU this won't help matters http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2018/jan/13/eastern-washington-tries-to-address-58-million-ath/#/0
  9. New AD posting and hiring process

    Chaves is the pick
  10. 2017-18 Season

    ISU has always been a thorn to the sides of all UND sports, expect for Men's basketball.
  11. After the disaster in Missoula, UND shook things up before the matchup against the Cats and looked better. Unfortunately, it still wasn't enough and ended in defeat against the undefeated Cats and kept UND from their first conference win. They look to turn the tide at home, taking on a team that they have never, ever, ever, ever have lost to at least in Big Sky play, the surprising Idaho State Bengals You know the old saying addition by subtraction? You could easily apply this to this team. Last year, there was a bit of a buzz in Poky with Ethan Telfair leading the team that maybe, they could sneak into the Big Sky title picture... well that didn't go so hot. They went 5-26 and was bounced in Day 1. Not much was expected this year, but a funny thing has happened... ISU doesn't look too shabby. They already own a road victory over Weber and held serve at home verses SUU/NAU. They know that this week will be a better test to see where they stack up and getting back to Poky with at least a split and a 4-1 record in conference play a third of the way through the conference season wouldn't be so bad. Since UND has joined the Big Sky, they are a perfect 10-0 against the Bengals, with a 5-0 record in Grand Forks Player to watch: Jared Stutzman SO 6'6 The UVU transfer has made his way back to his home state and has made a big impact for the Bengals. He has shot the ball very well from the field so far this season and has put up big numbers. Will be an interesting matchup against UNDs defense given his 6'6 size and more than likely be at the 3/4 spot. Things to watch: 1) Was UND starters from MSU a one off or a new lineup? I thought the line up that Jones threw against MSU was pretty good and for the most part was a different team than the one that went up against the Griz. Now will this be the new normal or was this just a wake-up call. 2) The emergence of Tray UND has been begging for another player to step up and give them production: Since the start of conference play, Tray Buchanan has delivered. Averaging 13.25 ppg in the first 4 games in conference play and is just shooting below 39% from beyond the arc from 3 in conference play. His overall season numbers still look low but a few more games like this will help with the overall numbers and will help this team going forward. 3) Where out thou Geno? Since his outburst against the Zags, Geno has been very quiet in Big Sky play so far, only averaging just above 10 points a game. He didn't have the greatest weekend up in Montana and if this team is going to make even a sense of a 2nd half run in conference play, Geno needs to step it up and get it going. Other games: (EWU/Idaho and SUU/NAU are playing each other on Saturday so they aren't playing Thursday) Weber (2-1) @ UNC (2-2) Weber got back on track by taking care of business against NAU/SUU over the weekend, while UNC couldn't quite get the job done getting swept out in Montana. This is still an important game for the pecking order, not getting too far behind the Montana schools and ISU, and the first round bye. UNC already has one big win over the preseason favorite Idaho, can they score another against another top preseason favorite? Or will Weber get a key road win on a tricky road trip to stay within striking distance of the Montanas Griz (4-0) @ Sac State (1-2) Despite their record, Sac State has proven they are going to be a pest all year long, so the Griz need to be careful going into Sacramento. The Griz know that survival of this weekend will lead to possible the biggest clash against the rival in quite some time. Cats (4-0) @ PSU (1-2) Portland went into Moscow and stole one away from the Vandals and are now looking to get back into the thick of the conference race by hopefully taking down the Cats. So far so good for MSU as they defended the home court against UND and UNC. Like the Griz, they know that if they get a sweep, the matchup at home verses the Griz will be the biggest basketball game in a long, long time. The call: I felt there was a few positive signs after the Cats win that could lead to bigger and better things for this team going forward. What they decide to do with it is up to them. This is a team that they have historically dominated, but this isn't the Bengals of old. Evans is a defensive oriented coach and will throw everything he's got at them. Being that this is at home and I think Jones will throw the exact same lineup as he did against MSU, I think UND will continue its dominance over the Bengals and break through with win #1 in conference play UND 79-77 I'm going road teams in the other 3: Cats, Griz, and Weebs
  12. UND (4-11, 0-4) vs ISU (8-6, 3-0) 1/11 7 PM

    First off: We finally snap the long losing streak and got conference win number 1 (didn't see the last 7 minutes as I had to run to Target) Now for the legit bones: Built off of the MSU performance nicely, 4 players in double figures with three other players just one off of getting there themselves. There was a lot more usage of a 4 guard lineup with Dale/Avants anchoring the 5 spot. It helps when you have now 4 capable guards to run that now that Tray has step into a productive role. Was nice to see them shoot well from the field and from beyond the arc for a change. Seales had a productive night, and I felt Brown played his best game at UND tonight. Interesting development was the lack of minutes of both Walter and Jafar in this one, be interesting to track this over the next few games to see if a trend develops. UND only played 7 players extensive minutes (20+) and they looked pretty good. Geno needs to snap out of his funk and fast. Weber comes in Saturday, be a big win to get at home and get to 2-4. Find a way to meatloaf the conference road trip and finish the first half of play 4-5 and UND will be in semi-decent shape for the 2nd half.
  13. UND (4-11, 0-4) vs ISU (8-6, 3-0) 1/11 7 PM

    UND 67 ISU 48 7:07 2nd There appears to be three guarantees in life: Death, Taxes and UND beating ISU in Big Sky play.
  14. UND (4-11, 0-4) vs ISU (8-6, 3-0) 1/11 7 PM

    UND 57 ISU 39 11:07 2nd
  15. UND (4-11, 0-4) vs ISU (8-6, 3-0) 1/11 7 PM

    back in business and so is UND, now up 20 after the Tray jumper
  16. UND (4-11, 0-4) vs ISU (8-6, 3-0) 1/11 7 PM

    UND 54 ISU 36 14:30 2nd
  17. UND (4-11, 0-4) vs ISU (8-6, 3-0) 1/11 7 PM

    wouldn't you know it, my feed went down....
  18. UND (4-11, 0-4) vs ISU (8-6, 3-0) 1/11 7 PM

    UND 45 ISU 30 18:03 2nd
  19. UND (4-11, 0-4) vs ISU (8-6, 3-0) 1/11 7 PM

    Seales joins Avants and Dale with double-figures. He has 10
  20. UND (4-11, 0-4) vs ISU (8-6, 3-0) 1/11 7 PM

    He doesn't look very confident either, very passive, not taking shots he usually would take, he has to find a way out of it.
  21. UND (4-11, 0-4) vs ISU (8-6, 3-0) 1/11 7 PM

    Half UND 41 ISU 29 Overall it was a decent half, still some lapse of D and some overaggressivness on the offensive end. Lots of use of 4 guards + Dale/Avants in the first half, which led to much of their success. This might be the route they have to take to turn their season around. Assisting on 10 of 18 shots is pretty decent. Seales might flirt with a triple-double at this rate, has 6 pts, 5 boards and 5 assists.
  22. UND (4-11, 0-4) vs ISU (8-6, 3-0) 1/11 7 PM

    never fails, when it doubt... play ISU
  23. UND (4-11, 0-4) vs ISU (8-6, 3-0) 1/11 7 PM

    Walter is in, Seales cans a mid range jumper
  24. UND (4-11, 0-4) vs ISU (8-6, 3-0) 1/11 7 PM

    UND 35 ISU 26 3:22 1st Dale has 11 points and has hit all 4 of his shots, 3 of them for 3's
  25. UND (4-11, 0-4) vs ISU (8-6, 3-0) 1/11 7 PM

    Dale hits a 3 off the o-board, but commits the cardinal sin