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    Two loves in my life: Fighting Sioux Hockey and Metal.

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    I also play guitar. I love anything loud with lot's of distortion-Pantera, George Lynch, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Metallica, Megadeth, Disturbed, etc. As my username indicates, I'm a huge fan of the Boston-area band Godsmack. Devil Horns to the Sky!

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  1. Early Departures 2018

    Diners Drive-ins and Dives on the Food Network?
  2. 2018-19 Non-UND College Hockey

    I’ll take the job!
  3. Sandy?

    It would be nice to see UND recruiting more kids from northern Minnesota and the iron range. Seems like Sandy is getting the most out of this particular recruiting territory.
  4. Early Departures 2018

    DU fans should consider themselves lucky with the talent that returned for this season. That’s probably why they’ll be hit the hardest now given many of these guys could’ve left early last year but chose to come back.
  5. Early Departures 2018

    I didn’t realize he was a senior already.
  6. Early Departures 2018

    Junda’s leaving too?
  7. Early Departures 2018

    Question-had UND snuck into the tournament, who do you think would’ve been the #1 seed in the Sioux Falls regional? My guess is SCSU would’ve been shipped east. Perhaps Cornell would’ve been in Sioux Falls?
  8. 2018 NCAA Tournament - Worst to First

    16. St. Cloud (aka, Jan Brady State). Coach and players are respectable but fans are dooshes. 15. DU. Monty has proven himself to be a whiner and being a CC fan, I’m tired of hearing trash talking sh*t from Pios fans. 14. Duluth. Don’t like how on the edge Duluth players play the game. When you find yourself rooting for Denver in the national championship game last year, you know you hate Duluth (yah, I realize I have Duluth higher than DU this year but it’s MY list!). 13. Michigan. Never liked ‘em and I hate their fight song. 12. Notre Dame. Can’t stand the Fighting Irish. Stick to football. 11. BU. I too am bitter about that game last season against UND. 10. Penn State. Too soon but could stomach a Nittney Lions champion over the previous six teams listed. 9. Ohio State. A buddy of mine who I play beer league hockey with is a huge Buckeyes fan and I’ll have to hear about it for a year. 8. Providence. They just won it and got a cushy regional as a 4 seed to do it. 7. Clarkson. Other than their Bison-like uni’s, I wouldn’t have a problem with a non-blue blood like the Golden Knights winning it all. 6. Princeton. Talk about putting their program on the map! 5. Michigan Tech. It would be great for their storied program and the WCHA as a whole. 4. Mankato. Another buddy who I play hockey with went there and he’s always cool about UND so there you go... 3. Cornell. My buddy’s kid, Jared Fiegl, is a senior there and would love to see a Colorado native win it. 2. Northeastern. My buddy is a huge NU fan and frankly, like MafiaMan, it would be fun to see the BU’s, Harvard’s, and BC’s collectively gasp in shock and awe. 1. Air Force. A multitude of reasons including the fact that we go to lots of Falcons games, they’re the best team in Colorado Springs, and wouldn’t it be cool to see a team full of Yankees win it all? And finally, Frank Serratore is an all-around classy guy and gives the best interviews in the game. Go Falcons!
  9. University of North Dakota 2018-19 Season

    Question: Is the NCAA a copy cat league in terms of where to recruit from? Earlier in the 2000’s, it seemed all the rage to get kids from Shattuck and then the past few years, it seems like the BCHL has been the flavor of the month. I realize some very talented players have come from these areas but are there perhaps other leagues that get less attention where we might be able to find that “diamond in the rough” that we (UND) haven’t traditionally been looking at?
  10. University of North Dakota 2018-19 Season

    So what’s the next steps with the program? Does Berry meet with the AD to go over the season in review-what went right, what needs improvement-? Do the coaches hit the recruiting trail or has that ended with junior teams’s leagues drawing to a close?
  11. Sioux Falls Regional -- Yes!

    Hey, maybe Air Force can pull off a Holy Cross?? -You never know.
  12. University of North Dakota 2018-19 Season

    Think Northeastern who was the only Boston area school to recruit Adam Gaudette. Boy, did BC and BU miss out on this hidden gem.
  13. University of North Dakota 2018-19 Season

    Brady Murray, Brandon Bochenski, Ryan Bayda, and gosh knows how many others.
  14. Sioux Falls Regional -- Yes!

    Good point. I had forgotten about those two ties. Man, St. Cloud is a great team but boy, did DU ever make them look average last night. The Huskies had no answer.
  15. University of North Dakota 2018-19 Season

    I’d be happy to see guys like Gardner and Jones wearing letters next season. Jones seemed like the most consistent in his level of effort all season.