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    Called it Pretty off on the goal scorers, but called it, nonetheless! Good win, boys. Get the sweep.

    I link this... the two guys who sat last week should play with a little bit of a chip on their shoulder. I'm gonna go the same route. We score more than 2, we win. 5-1 Mismash, Adams, Wolly, Pogo, Guchi
  3. former players

    Didn't see what happening? He left the team in November.
  4. Hockey Movies

    Kind of like the Die Hard discussion.... it's set in a hockey arena and the plot runs through a hockey game, so it's got to be a hockey movie, right? lol
  5. Hockey Movies

    OMG a buddy just reminded me of one.... SUDDEN DEATH!
  6. Hockey Movies

    I had the same thoughts of Ghostbusters 2 over Ghostbusters for a majority of my life, simply because of watching GB2 more. Watching both later, I realized GB1 is way better haha. No need to see Goon 2, honestly. It's very meh.
  7. Hockey Movies

    In my personal order: - Miracle - Slap Shot - The Mighty Ducks - Goon - D2 - Mystery, Alaska - D3 - Goon 2
  8. Hockey Movies

    It's absolutely not. I don't understand how someone DISLIKES this movie.
  9. Hockey Movies

    The difference is I can find the Ten Commandments on a new website haha.
  10. Hockey Movies

    LOL that webpage expired in like 2003. Looks like my old MySpace page hahahaha.
  11. Hockey Movies

    Your opinion matters nothing 'round here
  12. Hockey Movies

    Possibly the best quote in any sports movie ever.
  13. Hockey Movies

    Hahaha both are phenomenal. So, watching Slapshot makes me a man? Well, what if I've watched both?
  14. Hockey Movies

    I definitely remember that, but I didn't realize there was a GIF with the geo logo in it. Makes me very happy.
  15. Hockey Movies

  16. Hockey Movies

    He's really not ruining anything (other than the onsides) other than his reputation
  17. Hockey Movies

    You are just the worst, today lol.
  18. Hockey Movies

    That's literally not a rule.
  19. COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    DERAILED! Sorry all. I'll take the blame for that. BUT, D2 still rules Loving how our D-corps is rounding out for the next handful of years. Good momentum for the staff. Now, one more chip... *paging Mr. Rizzo. Mr. Rizzo, you are wanted at Ralph Engelstad Arena*
  20. Hockey Movies

    Bash Brothers 1 (stoney and Biz), Sicatoka 0
  21. Hockey Movies

  22. Hockey Movies

    It's ok, because the US will make Hendrix synonymous with winning and winning synonymous with Hendrix.
  23. Hockey Movies

    You seem to be the odd one out, here, pal lol. D2 rules... Sicatoka drools.
  24. Hockey Movies

    Glad you're on my side on this one, Biz