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  1. 2018-19 Non-UND College Hockey

    It's maddening. I just don't understand how they can think this will do anything but give MJ a leg up by showing kids that college hockey isn't paying attention.
  2. UND to cut women's hockey

    It was a quote from the lawsuit. Has nothing to do with the writer.
  3. Twins ?

    I was telling a buddy this... I've literally NEVER seen this without an injury. Supposedly it has to do with Sano getting more 1-on-1 instruction since ST HQ is down there, but the optics sure are bad.
  4. To The Mods

    Good god, man. He's a character lol.
  5. COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    More offensive upside than Gabe? Yes please lol.
  6. 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    I'm no Commie, but I frickin' love this anthem. Probably because of my affinity for Rocky IV.
  7. Stanley Cup Game 2018 Edition

    Ah, heck. Man, I remember seeing legends like DaveK rolling around when I was a kid and I thought, one day. One day I can win it. My family. Mom.... *looks into the camera* thanks for driving me to the rink every day. Dad... thanks for being my coach and pushing me. I'm just speechless.
  8. Stanley Cup Game 2018 Edition

    You know, the guys. They guys just came to work every day. Lunch pail mentality.
  9. Stanley Cup Game 2018 Edition

    The guys.... they just. They just gave it everything they had. Every minute. Every shift. All out on the ice. What can I say? I'm speechless
  10. Stanley Cup Game 2018 Edition

    You know... it's... uh... it's been a long time coming. *sighs deep while looking up at the rafters* We worked so hard to get to this point and now that we're here, it's ... It's just incredible.
  11. UND doesn’t have a female head coach now

    Bingo. It's a talker... use this forum as evidence.
  12. UND doesn’t have a female head coach now

    I've stated it many times and I'm absolutely not missing anything... the point of the story was that UND could have zero female HCs. The context was the Ark-PB stat. You're asking for additional context, which is completely fine, but unnecessary to the point of the story. It makes absolutely no difference if a school is "barely" better and honestly, I've also said many times that I don't even care about this as an issue. Call it clickbait, that's completely fine. Your opinion, man! My defense was on the initial problem that several on here were pointing to some sort of an anti-UND bias for writing that story and I'll gladly defend Schlossman on that as that is nonsense. I also don't find this story lazy, whatsoever.
  13. UND doesn’t have a female head coach now

    Come on, man. Her contract is up very soon and she's not coming back. UND not having a female HC is a talking point in this day and age. We get it. You don't think it's a story. You just have to realize that in fact, in this day and age, this is a story.
  14. UND doesn’t have a female head coach now

    A projection to sell papers. So be it C'mon a UND recruit had the most pull ups at the NHL combine. That's pretty cool, IMO. Plus, it's great that it indirectly takes a swipe at the Gophers!
  15. UND doesn’t have a female head coach now

    Schlossman absolutely provided context. I said it before, the story was that UND could soon not have a female HC. That is the story. The context is that UND would then become one of two schools in the NCAA with no female HC. What part of that story has a fact that is irrelevant and what part makes it unfair? He counted all pull ups in the combine in a story about a UND recruit doing the most pull ups. Just like he counted the two NCAA schools who have (could have) no female HCs. I don't understand why anyone is making a stink about this other than the idea that it's not a big deal that UND has no female HCs. Saying NDSU only has two does nothing to change the fact that UND has (could have) zero. This story was done to sell papers (and get clicks) and that is what the Herald does.
  16. UND doesn’t have a female head coach now

    Again, I'd highly doubt WH was 15-20% of his job. Very highly doubt. It's been heavily implied, and actually by some, specifically stated, that the Herald and Schlossman wrote that article to spite UND and that makes no sense.
  17. COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    Much better
  18. COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

  19. UND doesn’t have a female head coach now

    Hahaha, CLEARLY. Got it. Sure, he did plenty of work for WH, ok, so I'll concede that it affected him at least a bit, but to what extent did it affect him professionally when WH was cut? Do you think he was docked pay? Did he become less busy? Less valuable? You're kidding yourself. Anyway, what is your point? Are you trying to continue this theory that he is doing this to "get back" at UND or are you just trying to show how much you think Schlossman spent working on WH, just for fun? Lol
  20. UND doesn’t have a female head coach now

    I guess I'm not great with my analogies, but this feels right
  21. UND doesn’t have a female head coach now

    Fair point. Hard to put a number on how much he does of what, I guess. I just have a really, really hard time thinking this is anything but the Herald trying to make money by discussing a talker. To suggest the Herald or Schlossman has it out for UND and is trying to "get back at" their main source of revenue based on the idea that they didn't like how the Women's team was handled seems incredibly far fetched.
  22. UND doesn’t have a female head coach now

    I 100% agree with this.
  23. UND doesn’t have a female head coach now

    Which I said... And it's a fair point. Not sure why it was done before hand. I can't speak for the Herald in that aspect. Seems like a talker to sell papers, to me. Shocking that a business would try to make money ... sorry, that was very sarcastic lol.
  24. UND doesn’t have a female head coach now

    It had the appropriate context... UND is 1 of 2 schools that has (well, could) no female coaches. The premise of the story is that UND is losing a female HC. The context is that UND is 1 of 2 schools with no female coaches. You're asking for ADDITIONAL context. Which, would is completely fine to be asking about, but wholly unnecessary since the story is comparing UND to the national landscape.
  25. UND doesn’t have a female head coach now

    Why did he need to provide context comparing UND to schools around the area? Why? It's a story comparing UND to the national landscape. He absolutely could have added the context, but he chose not to because that's not what the story was about. That last part is a lazy assumption with absolutely no proof.