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  1. PlayStation Vue is also an option for those looking to stream for those with Roku. Free trial as well. I have both. (Long story) Delay with both, and will agree on Sling not always being the greatest streams.
  2. Frozen Four week also for me. I don't even know why I try that week...
  3. I can't say the same lol. I mostly stray from that fanbase in general but they like to come at me, so...
  4. The conspiracy theorist in me kind of wants to say they didn't suspend him because Duluth was already down a defenseman with Soucy out. (I'm not sure on his status at the moment) (Also, hello to the Duluth fans that are creeping here and posting what we say on Twitter!)
  5. I second this. I live right off 32nd where the construction is happening and it's awful.
  6. Probably... it is March.
  7. I live a mile from the arena and couldn't get tickets to the games. I would offer rides, but I can't guarantee sobriety...
  8. I said last night that someone should have walked Anderson to the 35W bridge, dangled him over the edge and threatened to drop him unless he gave his resignation. In all seriousness, how the hell is this clown still here? He's been terrible since the WCHA days. He goes out of his way to yell at the players, tries to make it all about him, and refuses to let the players decide the game. 27 minor penalties last night. That should never happen, especially not in a championship game. He should have been gone long ago and I would love to see the justification to keeping him around.
  9. Such a shame Quinnipiac didn't make the tournament and get sent to Fargo again...
  10. I'm hoping they play like they've played in the last 2 regionals they've played in out West...
  11. I was thinking we'd have the late game based on the last Fargo regional, but I'm not too worked up about early game.
  12. Friday is a weekday. People work on Fridays. Except in Chicago. I don't think they work on Fridays there based on mid-day traffic.
  13. Well my birthday is Thursday, so naturally I took a vacation day on Friday. Considering our early game time, I'm thinking that was a pretty good move!
  14. Good thing I'm somewhat young. I have no memory of his playing days...
  15. I'd rather he fire Todd Anderson. But I'm also okay with firing both.