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  1. BTW.......just don't wear it 2 sizes too small! #heylookatthechubbyguy
  2. Or Darell will go back to all your posts and smack them with the down arrow!
  3. Would be the best option but will never happen.
  4. Yup that's it because if you put more mayo on chicken s**t eventually it will taste like chicken salad! I'll dumb it down for you again......................most will be or are ok with the nickname (myself included) but it is the logo and 5+ years from now it will still been seen as garbage by almost all who don't like it today. It's not that complicated.
  5. Yah...I have been to numerous VB, FB ad BB games since the FH name and logo has come out. I would not classify the "acceptance" at those events as a firestorm! BTW there are a lot of lackeys on this site but I'd beg to differ that most of them are in the "hockey only" crowd. Just read anything Darell posts!
  6. I'll agree with this (in general) so then UND should not dismiss that large fanbase they are trying to market and rebrand to. The "hockey crowd" is the largest sports fanbase UND has that will drop money on apparel and merchandise. This "you're going to like it or else" mentality many of you present here isn't working and it's not working for UND either. Again for many it's not a nickname issue, even though it was a safe and generic pick, as the ship has sailed but it's a logo issue. To me that's fixable. .......and for 1983 I don't have the perfect logo design but all I know is this current one isn't working.
  7. 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    If this holds Caps/Knights going to be great series.
  8. I think I cracked the code! The Sicatoka is really....................
  9. Yes........darell just told you so.
  10. Correct...........and there is an infinite amount of people who subjectively feel that logo is trash!
  11. What do you think of the logo now??

    The hoodie....yes. The Ab Roller....no. I used it twice.
  12. What do you think of the logo now??

    That's because he pulled it off my pile of garbage during Clean Up week in early May. He also took my Ab Roller. Now that's a cool story isn't it?
  13. Heck add that new sponsorship revenue to the 52% MK is going to get back that was "robbed" from the FB program plus add in all the dollars that will be siphoned away from the hockey program and you probably will have enough to just build a new on campus stadium!
  14. So are you insinuating we will be playing in the MVC but will still have the Big Sky logos on the turf until that date?
  15. Correct................just 2 box tops from Lucky Charms and a crisp $20 will do the trick.
  16. Climate? It's an indoor stadium with all temperature parameters controlled. (I kid of course) The hockey program.
  17. There are many here, including myself, that are not fans of the logo but fully understand the need to have it visible at mid field/court/ice. Yet what is ironic is those, including myself, who have suggested that logo be at the 50 yard line have been given one BS line and excuse after another as to why it CAN'T be there. The hypocrisy of some here is mind numbing. I contacted a buddy who works in Arizona with these types of fields/turfs. He said to remove a logo and then add a different one takes time but isn't complicated or impossible as some here suggest. If MK needs to negotiate w McGarry on the mid ice/court logo issues then let's see if he has stones to take on those sponsors calling the shots for the Alerus and get the logo at the 50 yard line for this season. #inthebestinterests
  18. That's 100% correct......and factual! BTW you do know the difference between a nickname and a logo correct?
  19. Well that and adding the logo to BOTH sides of the helmets.