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  1. Jeff Dubay

    One doesn't continually wind up in these situations unless you are complete douche and have been for a long time.
  2. GO WILD

    You make it sound like the Wild are going to finish 9th in the Western Conference this coming season? I know Matt and his family......he wouldn't have come back to the Wild if he didn't think they could make a run at the Cup although his family and boys played a big reason in returning to the Wild. Least I can bust out my #7 Cullen Wild sweater for one more season!
  3. GO WILD

    Matt Cullen is back with the Wild for another season. Great pick up!
  4. USA World Juniors Jersey Thread

    "I am speechless..........I am without speech"!
  5. former players

    2 way forwards not needed there. He will do well.
  6. USA World Juniors Jersey Thread

    They're the real deal.......look incredible. BTW.......don't see your name on this list. Your loss on this one.
  7. 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    Looking forward to seeing #7 for PIT get one more series to claim back to back Cups to end an outstanding career.
  8. 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    Fact........Fleurry is the more popular choice within the Pen's locker room at goalie. Great guy and teammate. Fact......the Pen's locker room was behind Sullivan's decision to go with Murray going into game 4.
  9. 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    Best 4 years of your life!
  10. 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    Maybe Parise and Suter would restructure their contracts to pave the way to get a guy like Oshie. At this stage they are both stealing from the organization IMO.
  11. 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    The Drake!
  12. 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    Ovi is the NHL version of Tracy McGrady
  13. 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    Pulling for the Pens tonight...............................hoping it's not Cullen's last game in the NHL.
  14. 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    OTT vs NASH...........yay?!?!
  15. What do you think of the logo now??

  16. 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    Ugh..........now I have to watch another series with those hideous Big Bird outfits.
  17. What do you think of the logo now??

    My buddy recently bought a F-n Hawks golf bag. I spit up in my mouth a little bit when I first saw it. ..................and it is no coincidence his golf game has gone to crap and his handicap has ballooned since he started using that bag.
  18. Official SiouxSports.com Logo Reaction Thread and Poll

    Have dealt with many, many individuals at UND over the years. He was easily the biggest tool I ever came across at UND. UND is a much better place now that his racist a** is off campus!!! He was UND's version of Jesse Jackson.
  19. 2017 Season

    Once a father always a father. His accountability and responsibility won't change when he hits 20 years of age.
  20. GO WILD

    Epic fail.................
  21. 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    NASH and STL are playing with grit that I haven't seen in awhile. Making both CHI and MIN looking inept offensively and soft.
  22. 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    Mild have won 2......two of their last 13 playoff games. #becausethatwontwinthecup
  23. 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    Really looking forward to the Blues/Preds series...................
  24. 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs

  25. 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    Is Shaw secretly in charge of the Wild PP?