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  1. For me, yes. If we have Harris I think we have the depth where he can redshirt. Since the injury happened, I think HB will potentially get some quality reps this year.
  2. 1. Noah Larson 2. Ray Haas 3. Hayden Blubaugh 4. Cam McKinney/Izzy/Mikey (I think only one of the three loses their RS) 5. Jaxson Turner EDIT: I really wanted to add Zeke Ott, but I think our depth on the DL will keep his shirt on unless he's a bigger stud than I thought.
  3. We've got ourselves a long snapper committed. Ross Hinders out of Iowa.
  4. Carette verballed to Air Force yesterday.
  5. Garrett Maag has committed. Good get as he's got some real potential. This according to Miller.
  6. So who are we praying for?
  7. Hauser committed to Air Force today.
  8. Offeree Michael Naze has committed to Navy.
  9. Riley Moss, who we have an offer out to, committed to the Bison. They are on a roll right now.
  10. Seth Benson committed to SDSU today.
  11. Marcellus Johnson has committed to EMU.
  12. Holy committed to Nebraska today. Not sure if scholarship or PWO.
  13. Reading the article it appears Matt Marler, who also was a walk on last year, has transferred to Minot State. Hadn't heard about him either.
  14. That's kind of what I was thinking had happened. I agree - he would have likely been a good player for us.
  15. One wild card for DB help is JoJo Henderson. Based on what I know he hasn't made a decision for next year, and even if he does based on his situation any LOI may not be binding. So, even if he has told the coachees he plans on coming here, it wouldn't be official until he actually arrives on campus. That said, I have no idea if he's in play anymore or not.