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  1. That's kind of what I was thinking had happened. I agree - he would have likely been a good player for us.
  2. One wild card for DB help is JoJo Henderson. Based on what I know he hasn't made a decision for next year, and even if he does based on his situation any LOI may not be binding. So, even if he has told the coachees he plans on coming here, it wouldn't be official until he actually arrives on campus. That said, I have no idea if he's in play anymore or not.
  3. Very disappointed. Hopefully this isn't any deeper than Mr. Poole himself. Assuming he is guilty......goodbye!
  4. The early signing period is starting this year, which is earlier than I expected. So we will be able to see some high school kids signing in December this year. http://www.scout.com/college/football/story/1776829-december-signing-period-coming-cfb
  5. Years ago I had heard that certain conference administrative types had a vision to have a conference with the 4 Dakotas and the Montanas, with others included to get about a 10 team conference. Hadn't heard other names mentioned, as the base was to be those 6 and build around them. I think it was mainly based on how the landscape was expecting to change all over the place. Obviously you're skeptical when you hear things like that, but you never know what's going to happen...... Personally, I would love to have a conference with the 6 noted above as the anchors......
  6. Isn't the ripping family apart a direct quote from Faison in the article?
  7. Man am I going to miss Hooker! He was such a great leader for this team. Also will miss Baldwin's shooting. Need someone to consistently knock down the threes next year.
  8. Yeah, Drick has been awesome this game.
  9. man, really don't want Hooker to foul out in what looks like his last game.
  10. Enjoying the announcers as well! Keep the pressure on guys!
  11. Hmmmmm - they might need to change the lettering now to match the green on the helmet......but the helmet looks very good!
  12. So I think someone may have brought it up somewhere else, but we do have a common opponent in Northern Colorado that Zona beat early in the year by 16 and UND beat by 10 and 3. Additionally, both UND and Arizona played Cal State Bakersfield, who Arizona beat by 10 and UND beat by 2. I hate comparable scoring, but this gives me a little bit of hope that we can play with these guys. As with everyone, their bigs scare me and we'll need to be shooting the lights out to keep it close. EDIT: It should also be noted that Allonzo Trier didn't play in those early season games.......
  13. Hmmm....lost to a 15 seed in Salt Lake City you say.....
  14. It's official. Bring on the wildcats!