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  1. Carson Wentz taking Philly by storm

    Cratter- how would you feel if your wife went to Philly for the game but had to miss the game because she was in the ER due to being hit in the face by a battery in the stadium parking lot. But, according to you she would be just a whiny Vikings fan.
  2. UND Sports TV Options

    Where in Fargo is a good place to watch UND games?
  3. 2016 North Dakota HS Hockey

    Whoa, I thought only private schools recruit??
  4. 2015-2016 College Hockey (non UND Hockey)

    I agree with your post, I moved from Fargo to the cities in the late 80's and I am a huge Gopher fan BUT, I admit it is embarrassing in a city with over 3 million people we can't even fill a 10,000 seat arena. All i hear is "there's so much more to do here in the cities and there's nothing to do in cities like Grand Forks" which is a bunch of bull. Sure there is more to to do in the cities but to say there's NOTHING to do in Grand Forks or Fargo, St.Cloud, etc is completely untrue. I keep reminding my friends who were born and raised in the cities that when they make comments like this it just shows the Twin Cites arrogance (which there is a lot of).
  5. And no other city besides Fargo has jobs for doctors, lawyers, judges,pilots...??? Fargo must not be that bad of city to live in. Sorry Sicatoka, that was easy also.
  6. If Fargo is such a curse city to live in, why are there so many UND alumni living in Fargo?
  7. 10 Year Anniversary of Nickname Fight

    Your right, the nickname issue has been going on for many, many decades. I remember hearing issues back in the 1960's with the Sammy Sioux mascot controversy. People were upset with the imagery of a Sioux Indian as a cartoon figure.
  8. 2016 UND Recruiting

    Just curious, Are you saying NDSU has bandwagon fans. Also, do you think UND has bandwagon fans?
  9. UND at NDSU Dumpster Fire Thread

    I just don't understand how NDSU being a Home EC and Farming school can have 21 overall National Championships while the Flagship University in North Dakota can have only 12.
  10. UND at NDSU Dumpster Fire Thread

    Just curious what you mean by"Ditch diggers from Fargo"?
  11. UND at NDSU Dumpster Fire Thread

    Another example of a great response when you have no comeback in regards to trophy's.
  12. UND at NDSU Dumpster Fire Thread

    Its ok NDSU can't take the nickel trophy, it wouldn't fit in the trophy case anyways with all the National Championship trophys. As for fitting in UND's trophy case, it has lots of room. Sorry CM, that was to easy.
  13. New Nickname

    Its all good scpa305. As a former North Dakota resident for 25 years I had no problem with the Fighting Sioux nickname and I am sorry to see it go. I had a family member play basketball at UND and had many friends attend UND but for me personally I really don't care what UND picks as their nickname because its not my issue. I actually like the North Stars name but I do believe if UND picks that name they will be open for some ridicule, not that UND or its fans should care.
  14. New Nickname

    First of all, I didn't say I would ridicule UND for picking a neighboring State's Motto as their nickname. I just think and it seems like some posters on this forum have suggested that some Minnesotans will make fun of UND for picking North Stars as their nickname.
  15. New Nickname

    As a Minnesotan, I and I'm sure alot of Minnesota people wouldn't be pissed that UND picked North Stars as a nickname. In fact I believe many would laugh and ridicule UND for picking a neighboring state's "state motto" as their nickname.