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  1. My 9 year old daughter just did 13 pull ups for the "president's challenge" . . . surprised they didn't let Casey do the "flexed arm hang" instead.
  2. I would argue that the Ralph is our Fenway, which he would be playing in . . .not maaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe watching from the stands if he finds the time and money. BOOM! Get me a job as a closer.
  3. Carter Rowney scores a goal today, from what the announcers have said, he's played pretty good this preseason.
  4. Gagner's . . . ?
  5. Other than being ghosted in the third round of the shootout, Zane looked pretty good for Boston tonight (1 period of play, plus OT)
  6. Luke just scored in Traverse! :D. . . but against my (and HCBB's) Blue Jackets
  7. I had moved out to Ohio for a few years so jumped all over the games, especially when the NCHC was formed. Saw the inaugural game! Awesome little town, nice little rink but some years the season ticket holders don't show up as much (but they are perpetually "sold out" so we never really have much of a presence. Most UND fans got their tickets through the alumni association, returned player comps, or by donating money to MU to get preorder access), leaving the student section to do all the cheering. Also, its a dry arena . It can be really fun there, though, everyone from the fans (in the concourse anyway), to the concession/stand workers to the ushers were always super cool.
  8. Shane Bowers is staying in the USHL to maintain his NCAA eligibility . . . cross your fingers for 17-18
  9. The problem with buying the package just to go, which would be funny when 6 of their other games are even more empty because of the UND fans not going to them: They will still use those empty seats in their attendance numbers.
  10. Unless I am out of my mind, that is Peter Thome in front. He was the winning goalie in the final of the Columbus's 3v3 prospect tournament at the end of development camp. (He is committed to UND, playing for Omaha this year and coming to town next . . . maybe)
  11. I'm not arguing that they're not Minnesotan, I am saying that they are local kids. UND is their local (major) college . . . we didn't poach them from UMs backyard. I do completely get "Minnesota state hockey" pride though . . . my daughter is Green Wave.
  12. "THE LEGENDARY @StingerCBJ CUP #CBJ" Front and center!
  13. Forgive the self-bump here but the Blue Jacket's 3 on 3 development camp tournament (with Sioux commit Thome wearing #41) will be today at 3:30pm Central. It should be streamed live on their webpage, their Facebook, YouTube, and (doubtful that you have it) their app.
  14. Let's not forget that they will count kids from Roseau, Warroad, Thief River, hell probably even East Grand Forks as their own. Even those these kids grew up going to the mall and Walmart in Grand Forks.
  15. Thome should be in Columbus today for dev camp, if anyone wants to follow the jackets. They usually do a fair amount of updates and stream the scrimmage on the last day every year. Also. Crookston's Paul Bittner has taken over their Snapchat account.