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what ever happend to?


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I assume your talking about Travis Roche?

He's down with the Houston Aeros, their top AHL team. He had an assist in their last game.

He's got 64 games in 14 goals and 34 assists according to their website.

7 power play goals and 3 game winners, not horrible.


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psst.... JWG -- word to the wise -- resist responding to siouxrock -- he's the blackhole -- once you acknowledge him you lose all sense of how to understand -- he sucks you in with a question and be4e u no it - hE hass u talking like a pigdgin .....

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There should be a disclaimer on all future Siouxrock posts. It should go something like.....

** Warning -- Reading this will reduce your IQ by 3 points.**


**Warning-- Reading this will make blood shoot out of both ears.**

sO doo yourrrrrr selv a faver reed SooRok's postes with extremme carefullness.

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