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Attention Hockey People!

Please vote for Dale Lennon - 2007 Liberty Mutual Coach of the Year.

The voting runs through 27NOV2007 and you can vote once a day. Coach Lennon is currently in 9th place but we need your help to get him into the Top 3!

To make it easier to vote, the web site for voiting is http://www.coachoftheyear.com

"In 2007, we'll name a Coach of the Year in each NCAA Division: DI, DIAA, DII, and DIII. The winners will each receive $50,000 toward the charity(s) of his choice and $20,000 for his school

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This may be a dumb question, but I've seen this in many threads and have never figured out what "bump" means or refers to. Anyone care to explain this?

Well...we used to go to the bar after work for a "bump". But in this case, it means "Hello everybody, just sending this out there again so it isn't forgotten about.

Now, I have been home for three days with kids (no school today). I believe that I could really use that bump! Unfortunately, Mr. Siouxmama is on Devils Lake fishing today.

*can't start drinking at home...can't start drinking at home...* :)

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