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Hak pre-game comments:

It seems like we've been away a lot longer than a couple of weeks. Maybe it has something to do with the number of miles we put on.

Opened WCHA play last weekend. Tough loss last Friday night. One of the guys said, "Well, it's a reminder of how hard it is to win in the league."

Going against a veteran team tonight, same as last week. CC will do the same thing. They have good skill, and overall a good hockey team. There specialty team is key throughout the whole night. Their penalty kill is good, and both PP lines are effective.

In goaltender, Bachman has carried the majority of the load. He's a freshman, but he's 20 years old. Either guy can do the job for them.

It's a matter of translating what we did on the road and bringing that back home. I want to see hunger. We need to be the better team for 60 minutes without crossing the line.

Over a 60 minute hockey game, if we grind and we're the more physical team, I think that pays off in the final minutes.

It would be nice to see Dunc get a goal. He played really well last weekend. Played very well on Friday night, but didn't get anything on the board. It paid off for that whole line on Saturday night.

Forney back in tonight. He earned that spot in practice. It would be tough to look our guys in the eyes if he wasn't in the line tonight. Needs to come back, be a good solid player again this weekend, and take another step forward.

LaPoint back in tonight. We're going to get Marto in. He's out tonight, but we will get him in.

Phil's just got to keep battling. He needs to concentrate on what he's doing here tonight, and keep battling with what's in front of him.

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Scott Owens comments:

We've played okay up here, but we have a pretty good North Dakota team this year.

It's a good challenge for us. We're veteran up front so we should be able to hold our own.

We only play 6 and 8 games on a small sheet all year. We have an extra sheet at home to practice on, but we'll be running into the boards some tonight.

We'll be quick tonight. We'll forecheck and backcheck. We need to have good goaltending.

In New Hampshire, they said it was such a joy to watch us play, because we just went up and down with no clutching and grabbing. North Dakota plays the same way, so it should be a good match up tonight.

Playing O'Connell tonight in goal. It's tough to play a freshman two games in a row. He's young, and I'm not sure I want him to play 120 minutes up here, this early in the year.

This year, every point in the WCHA will matter. The bottom teams have gotten better.

North Dakota can beat you in so many ways, that's our biggest concern.

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Lines from Brad's Blog

UND's lines

16 Ryan Duncan--29 Chris VandeVelde--7 T.J. Oshie

20 Matt Watkins--17 Rylan Kaip--21 Matt Frattin

10 Andrew Kozek--11 Darcy Zajac--14 Brad Miller

19 Evan Trupp--8 Ryan Martens--18 Michael Forney

2 Joe Finley--28 Robbie Bina

4 Taylor Chorney--5 Chay Genoway

6 Zach Jones--3 Derrick LaPoint

1 Phil Lamoureux

31 Anthony Grieco

30 Aaron Walski

CC's lines

10 Scott Thauwald--14 Chad Rau--23 Jimmy Kilpatrick

21 Billy Sweatt--19 Andreas Vlassopoulos--16 Derek Patrosso

26 Scott McCulloch--17 Tyler Johnson--22 Eric Walsky

5 Addison DeBoer--9 Brian McMillin--28 Stephen Schultz

8 Jack Hillen--15 Nate Prosser

7 Kris Fredheim--4 Jake Gannon

11 Brian Connelly--24 Ryan Lowery

31 Drew O'Connell

30 Richard Bachman

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Let's stay out of the box tonight! Don't know if anyone else is watching Minnesota-Denver, but there was a little fight in the first period. Doubt any suspensions will come out of it, but still fun to watch.

Nobody was kicked out, so no there won't be any suspensions.

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