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Dirty Gophers v. Mercyhurst


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13:00 Minutes left in the SECOND period. U of M up 7-0 over Mercyhurst.

Gino Guyer has 4 assists. This is looking like one of the biggest spankings of all times. The dirty gophers seem to be scoring at will. :D

So much for the upset :D

i am wondering why lucia doesnt rest up his good guys

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I don't recall hearing he double digits chant, must have been localized. In fact, MN fans gave the MC several nice ovations after making spectacular saves. By the third most of the (remaining) MN fans were indiffernt as it was over barring a late MC touchdown.

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Let see, we played the fourth line everytime through the rotation.  Played the fourth line on the power play.  Rotated six dmen all the way through the game.  What else should Lucia do, skate the student section?

Put in the POI :D

Not so sure it's good for any team to get an opponent that weak in the tourney. Guess we'll see if the disinterest due to opponent carries into tonight.

This team did get beat by Canisius. Brutal.

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