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Is it better than UND lost thursday?


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During thursday's broadcast, frank or woog mentioned that losing thursday might actually be better for the sioux. Could winning thursday against duluth then losing two games have put UND further back in the PWR? Right now they seem locked into the number 10 spot, which should probably give them a 3 seed.

Of course this is all based on the assumption that UND would have lost two more games.

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Somewhere in here it's been answered that from an RPI and PWR perspective, it would have been better to beat UMD, going 1-2 in the tourney, than to go 0-1. However, now that there have been no upsets in the conference tourneys and UND's chances of getting an NCAA bid have gone up a lot, it may work to their advantage to rest their legs a bit. Six games in nine days may have been a killer.

Flop, pretty safe assumption that CC was going to kill UMD today, too.

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