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Is UMD for real?


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If UMD is fake, I don't want to see real. ;)


I thought the UMD- UND game was one of the most entertaining games I've watched in a long time. Great action and better goaltending. this afternoon's game is pretty good so far, I just hope UMD still has some legs left in the third.

BTW - Jenson out, Volp in.

Very few teams will outwork UMD and that is why they're "for real."

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UMD's finish in the Final Five gives me some small consolation for losing to them on Thursday night.

I would say the most impressive team in the Final Five was UMD. Second was MN, 3rd CC, 4th UND, 5th Mankato. Mankato just stunk.

I'm not saying UMD would have beaten UM. What I am saying is that in playing 6 games in 9 days, two of them in OT, they won 4 of those games, and finished in 3rd place in the Final Five tournament. A very impressive finish. They dang near beat CC after having to play the play-in game, and they handled Mankato after playing one extra game.

Hats off to Sandy and UMD.

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