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WCHA won't expand


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As much as I hate to say this, I think the NCAA needs to get involved in college hockey as it pertains to conference membership. I have no problem at all with the WCHA closing its doors to new members, but the 59 teams currently playing DI hockey could certainly be divided in a more equitable fashion. Without regard to geography or time-honored rivalries, why not "steal" two teams from each of the CCHA and ECACHL and move them into the CHA.

The NCAA should also do whatever it can to expand DI hockey, by helping DIII teams make the jump, or encouraging current club teams. Attendance figures for DIII hockey would seem to indicate that promotion possibility is quite limited, as only nine teams averaged over 1000 attendance for the season just completed. It would be great to see the number of DI teams to get up into the 70s, or 80s, with eight conferences each with an auto-bid.

Hockey unfortunately, remains a niche sport.

Atlantic Hockey - 10

CCHA - 12

CHA - 5


Hockey East - 10

WCHA - 10

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That's kind of a shame, but okay for now. Honestly, I wouldn't mind seeing BSU in the WCHA. They are new to DI and have become relatively competitive relatively quickly. Good luck to them in the future.

Long live the memory of Beaver Hockey!

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Long live the memory of Beaver Hockey!

I doubt they will cancel their program. I think the Athletic director was grand standing a bit.

There would be serious outrage in Bemidji.

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Yeah that is why they are building a new stadium...

They will still have hockey. I still think the NCAA is going to step in and come up with a solution.

Just a hunch. If not I believe the NCAA will start taking NCAA bids away.

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I heard that building that new stdium was contingent on BSU getting into the WCHA.

Not the state portion anyway. I don't think they will leave that on the table...

NCAA Solution: UND can not play hockey any more because they are hostile and abusive. BSU take their place...

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