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I believe it's the same one that WDAZ ran at the end of the last home game. You might be able to get a copy from them.

It was mostly the same, but the one shown at fan appreciation night had footage of Duncan getting the Hobey and scenes of Porter and Fabian doing their final skate at REA. Those are the two primary differences I remember.

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I give free golf lessons. :silly:

Cool!! I'll look you up when I'm back. :)

I've only golfed once a year five years running in a golf tournament in Fargo. My ten dollar golf club set in their five dollar golf bag, driving around in the golf cart, following the beer cart. Oh yeah, and watering the cat o' nine tails in the bushes surrounding the water traps on the golf course because the club house was too far away!! :D

Ah yes, when I was young and didn't care if anyone saw my tushy............

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