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REMATCH: SIOUX - PHER (frozen 4 bound)


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I hope we tighten some things up from the rollercoaster game today, but we still looked much better than the maroon and gold today. I am sure we will play with some amazing intensity and grit in this game. I can't wait!!!

Drop the puck now, let's do it!!!

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Top Posters In This Topic

Are you kidding????

Apprently the call on Hensik should not have been made and since the Sioux were supposed to lose, the NC$$ is now taking action assuring this will happen...

Yes, I'm kidding...but I am sure Lucifer is on the phone trying to make it happen...

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I made a bet with one of my students that if the Sioux win, she would wear a Sioux jersey, but if the gophers win, well I would have to do a lot of explaining to people that I wasn't just jumping on a bandwagon. I really don't want to wear a big M on my chest to teach Monday. LET'S GO SIOUX, PLEASE!!!

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