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NCAA Hockey @ Sensers


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I heard a lot of favors were called in to find this game. Thank you so much. I've never seen so many Sioux fans at the Bloomington spot and it was fun.

This ticks me off. A Sioux fan was leaving Senser's as I drove up and he said it wasn't showing. This was at game time. So I drove back home. Fortunately I could watch it on the internet which was ok. I missed the big crowd at Sensers which would have been much fun.

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dagies showed up and no game was being shown but other people there saw it? What the hell's going on out there?

This guy was in a Sioux jersey and he was walking out and getting into his truck when I stopped to ask him. I should have gone in to check myself, I guess.

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Those must have been some disgruntled Gopher fans...It was on and it was live. Finding a place to park was the problem. Great time at Sensors in Bloomington. Nice to see all you other siouxsports folks there too.

Parking is a DISASTER at the Bloomington Sensors. I parked like three blocks away. Two weeks ago I got picked up by the police for parking at Walski or whatever the car dealership is called.

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