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sioux/denver game 3


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I know I'm still riding pretty high after last nights game, hopefully the same is true with the team.

Sioux need to come out firing and hitting the h e double hockey sticks out of Denver. They were saying at one point last night, that DU dressed 5 D men, they have to be tired and if we come out hitting them, it will only tire them out more.

I also want to see Brandt get into the game early with a good save. Keep his confidence up and let him feel some rubber early. He played what I thought was his best game last night, let's keep that rolling tonight and into the Final Five.

Go Sioux!!!!

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Hopefully we won't but it's good knowing you are there in case we need you!

I'm a little superstitious so I did everything the same today as I did yesterday and I've started drinking Guinness just like I did last night ??? Hopefully the Sioux win it in regulation tonight or tomorrow will be a long day at work.

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If there is one bright spot that I see in David Hale being out most of the second half of the season...it is Lee Marvin. He has gotten stronger and stronger every week and I feel he has been playing some pretty good hockey lately. He has made the most of his extra ice time and has really improved with each game.

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I didn't see it so I can't say for sure, but what happened with Lundbohm's penalty is one of the risks of using a forward on the point on the PP. It sounded like he needed to hook the Pioneer to prevent a chance. He also got beat to start the third period at Mariucci on Saturday by Waibel, who set up the tying goal. Not ragging on Lundbohm, just pointing out the risk of using a forward at a D spot.

PP's over, still 1-0 Sioux.

Good chances by the Sioux. Sounds like they are really bringing it. They key now is to translate the dominant play onto the scoreboard, because they won't dominate a good team all game long.

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