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While the future seems promising too:

14. Indoor Track/Practice Facility. Estimated cost: $8,000,000

Purpose: Accommodate existing needs, provide new performance venues, and recruit new student athletes.

Status: Proposed

16. University Village Hotel. Estimated cost: $7,000,000

Purpose: Provide hospitality and room accommodations for events on the Bronson Property and elsewhere on the UND campus.

Status: Proposed

17. Phase Four, Village Concept/Retail. Estimated cost: $10,000,000

Purpose: Provide a retail/apartment-style living environment reminiscent of those found in downtown metropolitan areas and other

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New Buildings for Medical School

Dakota Student Story

The soccer field on the Bronson Property, the piece of land bordering the Ralph Engelstad Arena, could be relocated within the next few years, Tonder said.

"The soccer field was placed in that spot only because we were holding the land for expansion of the School of Medicine, and we decided it didn't make sense to leave it dormant once other buildings were built on the land," he said.

"The school is landlocked, so growth has to be done somewhere else."

The Athletic Department is still finalizing a master plan for its future growth, Tonder said, but the field would likely be moved to the area near Memorial Stadium and the old Ralph Engelstad Arena.

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JLG Architects has a webcam overlooking the new residence hall construction site.

Things have certainly changed since I was an undergraduate...it is certainly an exciting time at UND.

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