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Enrollment surpasses goals

I guess it's all in how you count the numbers.... :sad:

UND's enrollment has passed the 12,500 for the fifth time in the school's history, and is up this year.

The university's final third week enrollment is 12,559 according to the registrar's office.

However the third week number does not include many of the students that UND serves throughout the semester. Typically UND will enroll an additional 2,000 degree-seeking students.

UND is now ahead of NDSU by 32 students (12,527) for third week enrollment numbers.

The number also does not include the students trained by the John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences through partnerships; across the United States or other countries.

Also, the school serves an additional 10,500 people that are involved in workshops, conferences and similar other learning opportunities.

Overall the university will serve around 26,000 people this year.

Among increases in overall enrollment, the graduate school grew to 1,985 students, which is 500 students more than in 2000-01 school term.

Also, the Law School received 700 applications for only 70 available spots, which is notable since nationally law school applications were down over six percent.

The Medical School and Physical Therapy have also regularly received more applicants than the university can serve.

Some schools did see decreases, however. The John D. Odegard Aerospace Science and the College of Education and Mines saw a decrease in enrollment, and overall the university was down 275 students from the 2006 fall semester.

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NDSU tops UND in first day spring enrollment

North Dakota State University topped UND in first day spring enrollment for the first time ever Wednesday.

The Fargo school recorded 11,275 students compared with UND's 11,141, according to officials at both schools. That's a lead of about 1 percent. Compared with the same time last year, that represents a 111 student, or 1 percent, rise for NDSU and a 160 student, or 1 percent, drop for UND.

UND may be bucking fate though. The school announced a new scholarship in December that will provide $1,000 a year off tuition for roughly the upper half of entering freshmen and could give fall enrollment a needed boost.

The school has received 11 percent more applications for next fall than at this point last year, UND Spokesman Peter Johnson said, and as news of the scholarship spreads, he's hoping that number will increase further.

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