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Toews snub

Walsh Hall

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You are so right.

Unfortunately, some of our fan base are so infatuated with hatred for other teams players that we choose not to find the good in anyone not on our team. I applaud those Sioux fans who are not in this category - more than it seems because not everyone posts.

We use stats to prop up our guys but dismiss stats that prop up opposing players. If stats don't look good for our guy we say stats are meaningless (see Toews / Kessel arguments). We're selective in what we think are important stats (see game winning goals).

Watch me get ripped by the usual crowd for not knowing anything about hockey or that I'm really not a Sioux fan.

Mason Raymond is a deserving player - he's gonna be great - Duluth is lucky to have him.

BTW - I think the Dogs are gonna be tough next year. It's just too bad it's so far away.

This is for ALL the holier than thou do gooders out there. Quit blaming us for USA Hockey's, and the media's hyping of kessel, and then him not delivering, it's not our fault. Go ahead and hammer on me if you wish, but SiouxSports.com is not the only place where people are talking negatively. People that know and follow hockey, other than messages boards know what the truth is.

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Why do you insist on making a complete clown of yourself every single time you post?

I too was suprised by Towes being left off the list. Mason (and his entire team) was invisible during both Dawg games at the U, and after Towes hot finish to the year, I figured he'd earned a spot. Oh well, I'm sure you guys are much happier having Towes than Raymond.

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Clown ? That wasn't meant to be humorous. The fact of the matter is people come on here and bitch about people who are bitching, and act like they are somehow above bitching. That's the irony of it all. It matters not to me whether you folks ever agree with me or not. I know what I've seen and what I see still in regards to "the greatest U.S born hockey player of all time", like it or not, it's not the same thing that USA Hockey and goopher fans would try to make you believe. Just for the record, the very thing you dislike me for, lashing out at people, you all seem to be very comfotable doing it.(ie. calling me a clown) Now that I find very very funny.

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