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I just read in the latest Hockey News that while Zach Parise is a good bet to make the Devils this year, it may be as a winger, rather than his natural center position.

While this is hardly earth-shattering news (the Devils are wont to do this with younger centers), I do find it fairly intriguing, and I see it as just another reason the Devils are such a strong organization: they know how to protect young players.

Obviously Parise would have to be a first or second line center to suit his style, but the Devils already have Scott Gomez, Jan Hrdina and Viktor Kozlov. If they did want him to fill a third or fourth line role, they have players like Erik Rasmussen, John Madden and Sergei Brylin filling those roles. Plus, a Patrik Elias also has considerable experience at center.

Now, are all of those players more talented than Parise? No. It certainly isn't out of the question that he could unseat any of them, even as a rookie.

But beyond that, take a look around at some of the centers in just New Jersey's division alone: Keith Primeau, Jeremy Roenick, Michael Handzus, Alexei Yashin, Mike Peca, Bobby Holik, Mark Messier and that Mario Lemieux guy. Rather than throw a rookie straight into a fire against guys like this, the smarter move might be to keep him away from such players and put him on a wing, where the responsibilities aren't as great and the learning curve is not as steep.

Again, a seemingly simple - and like temporary - move from center to wing, but just another reason why the Devils are so successful at cultivating their own young talent.

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You're living here.

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Personally, I prefer to look at Sioux hockey this way:

Main Entry: to
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FWIW: The Devils have a history of moving incoming centers to the wings. It gives them a chance to develop their game across the board, and also allows the Devs some options in the event of personnel changes, etc.

Along the same note, ZParise was recently noted in Hockey News as a future star, along with Suter, Malkin, Rick Nash and Sidney Crosby. Not bad company, at all. :D

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