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who was the UND defensemen?


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I've always been curious as to what happened with Travis. Last I recall, he was broadcasting games somewhere...

One thing I wondered, though, was I remember back in college that he had a girlfriend who was "standing by him" throughout his ordeal. Whatever happened with that? I haven't heard any details about Travis' personal life other than the check. Anyone know?

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Why not? It flows so naturally during a conversation!

"Hey Mitch, how's class going? Psyched for the games this weekend? Nasty hit on Roy, wasn't it?" :ohmy::p

There was no hit on Roy, atleast not by Vig. Roy tried to check Vig, missed and hit the boards. It was a terrible accident and not something to joke about.

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...you would ask him in class about it?

I never said I asked him about it...

but there are always those morons who don't know what is appropriate to ask a person.

Have you ever been in an organic chem lab? Sometimes you sit for three hours watching a liquid boil...it's amazing the stuff that comes up in conversation.

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