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UND (1-3, 7-10) vs WIU (1-3, 6-11) 1/12 2 PM


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Despite another decent performance from UND, an Omaha 3 with 7 seconds to go spoiled the performance and left another close game opportunity slip away.  UND looks to regroup today against WIU.  

Western Illinois is coached by Billy Wright, who is in his 5th year of coaching at Western Illinois.  His record currently is 44-84 and 15-51 in the Summit.  The Leathernecks have been struggling in recent years in the Summit and this years appears to be trending the same way.  They do have a couple of nice pieces to build around but they just haven't been able to take the next step yet.  

Key Players: Kobe Webster (6'0 Sophomore) and Issac Johnson (6'5 Sophomore)

The Sophomore Guards are a great 1-2 punch for the Leathernecks.  They both do different things.  Webster is your traditional point guard.  He will drive and get up shots and will dish the ball when necessary.  Johnson is a bigger guard that uses his size to his advantage.  He will step out and take the 3 but would rather use his size as his advantage. 

Keys for UND

1) Let the Omaha game go

2) Jump on them early

3) Keep hitting outside shots

4) Get back to good rebounding

Other games:

ORU (3-1) @ SDSU (3-1)

The call:

UND needs to win this one: This is a must win.  They cannot continue to lose home conference games.  DU is not going to keep losing and will be back.  I think they will bounce back and get the win.

UND 81-71



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Went with some NDSU buddies to WIU game in Fargo Thursday. NDSU is bad BB team but WIU is atrocious. My ticket was free and I still asked for a refund after watching that hot mess of a game.

WIU has a 7'er that reminds me of Joe Finley without skates.

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