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4 hours ago, CMSioux said:

This is not a feel-good post and I know there are some who will trash it, but I want to start by sharing a story about John Gagliardi, the winningest coach in college football history from St. John's, MN.  The story goes that when he felt his team needed a perspective-check he used to hold a quarter up to the sun and say that the quarter was their football career and the sun was their life and that they needed to keep that in perspective. 

Damn that loss on Saturday was probably among the top ones in disappointment in the FCS era. Mostly because of my expectations of what i wanted these kids to accomplish for themselves. For me it's a day of tailgating and football, I don't have film to watch on Sunday or a test on Monday and I didn't spend my summer in a weight room. 

I will choose to be there on Saturday and holler just the same during the Hawk Walk and game. I know the crowd will be small, the student section will be empty. If/When changes are made I know the staff understands that is part of being a coach and as a fan i know it means having patience and keeping the faith. I want the seniors to enjoy their last home game, I want the rest of the team to have a coaching staff that will help them look to the future with optimism and dedication. At the end of the day they are student-athletes. 

Damn that one stung...how I react is a reflection on me and my ability to keep it in perspective.



Very good post.  Wish I could be there this Saturday, also, but I'll be watching online and cheering.

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2 hours ago, Sioux_FF said:

Great perspective CMSioux.   Are you gonna take in the State Title game for you Alma Mater on Friday on the way up to the big city?     An early 9:10 am start I believe?

Gotta work til noon...go Valiants.

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