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Any chance we have a couple all Americans this yr ??   

I think both santiago and ratelle could be 3rd team-ish to honorable mention.  They both deserve some attention. 

How about potential all Americans next yr and beyond:

santiago, cole, Grady will be 1st teamers at some point.  Those are the easy picks.  

Taj if healthy could be honorable mention or maybe 3rd  if healthy next yr 

Deion Harris could be honorable mention. Love the length 

meindel will could be 2nd to 3rd

Iwarri is a special talent but not sure where they will keep him or put him but think he could be very special, if at the right position,

stockwell kept impressing me more every week and could be on there

tank Harris seems to have the "it" factor.  Could see him making some noise 

missing anyone??  On that list 4 are currently fresh, 4 are sophomores and a jun!   Talent for many yrs!!!  

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Between snubbing in pre-season coach/media polls, pre-season all-conference, regular polls throughout the year, and finally the playoff selection committee, I wouldn't be surprised if no one on our team got mentioned for anything.

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