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While this is the past and we need to move forward, I find it interesting and a bit alarming that in UND's four years in the Great West, we had no one on this team. Yes, it might be a popularity contest & some of these guys are in the NFL now and that may have swayed some decisions - all that debateable stuff but I can't argue with our being shut out. We had a few very good players during this time frame but I don't think any of our guys were overlooked. The concerning part is that these teams were in transition just like us. Hopefully, the talent of the last couple of recruiting classes and, of course, future classes will continue to improve.

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That's a pretty depressing list; quite a few NDSU players on it. It’s only more of a reason to be looking ahead, because the previous four years have been really disappointing. Any positive explanations are likely to be more of an excuse than anything else.

We did have a crappy 3 years...6-4, 6-5, and 3-8 before this season's 8-3. But we do have 1 thing in common with NDSU...same amount of GWFC titles.

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A majority of our players making plays for us in our best Great West years were young guys. You look at that list and most of those players were All Conference 2 or 3 years. We were lacking those players early on during transition or if we did have them, they were dismissed from the team. I'd take some of the guys we have coming back for a year (or 3) after this year and compare them to some of the players on the list by the time they are seniors and like where we stand. Don't let the fact that we don't have any players on that list get in the way of the amount of talent we have returning. It just took some time for our coaches to build that talent.

One thing this list shows is the Great West was a pretty solid conference in the short time it was around. Some very, very talented players on that list.
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