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What outdoor activities do like to do in Summer


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I was just kind of curious about what type of outdoor activities North Dakotans and Minnesotans like to do when the weather warms up.

Polish golf (a.k.a. ladder golf, monkey nuts, etc.), beanbags, golf, fishing. All are especially fun when there is adult beverages involved.

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I travel and play a lot of golf.

Too late for this year but... I found a program in Omaha that, if I volunteer at the course 8 hours a week I get...

1. Discounts on merchandise (big whoop can't afford it anyways)

2. 15 free rounds of golf (18 holes max per round) a month

3. Free driving range use

4. Free practice holes (they have a 3 hole practice hole course)

And they own two 18 hole golf courses so I can use these perks at both sites.

Oh, and if I don't call ahead and just walk in and there's an opening, it doesn't count towards my 15 a month. Methinks I'm gonna do a ton of golf next summer. :)

BTW - I'm not claiming that other courses don't have similar programs. I'm just claiming I found one dumb enough to let me do it next season. :D

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What the hell, does your Grandma ride that bike to church on Sunday? This is how a dirt bike should look...bald back tire, caked with mud, decals scratched up. :lol:

They never look the same after the first day do they?


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I bought a motorcycle a few years ago and love riding it in a rural (by New Jersey standards) area called the Pinelands. It is just a Honda Rebel 250,but that is enough for me.--Despite the fact I live two feet from the Barnegat bay and Atlantic Ocean,I have never tried a Jet Ski,but it looks like a lot of fun. The rental places charge $45 an hour. It woult take me $90 before I could learn to not fall over :)

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