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I was talking to a guy at church last weekend who had a daughter graduate from Liberty University. He told me how things have changed at LIberty in a few short years. They had a graduating class of 10,930, 2/3 of which were online students.

Graduates represented all 50 states and 39 foreign countries. Two-thirds of this year’s graduating class have completed their degree through Liberty University Online. The most undergraduate degrees were awarded in religion, followed by degrees in business, multidisciplinary studies, psychology and education.

Universities will be changing more this way. I know that UND has been heading that direction. Hopefully they can stay ahead of the curve on this.

BTW, Ted Nugent spoke at Commencement. Pretty cool.

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If I took all my classes online, I would have missed out on:

-Meeting the girl I am marrying (maybe online option isn't so bad haha)

-Sioux hockey games

-Puking my brains out after a night full of over-endulgence

-Meeting many awesome people, both on and off campus

-Red Pepper

-Learning how to live on my own

I can see the benefits of it, but there are some things you can't replace, like the hands-on learning and group projects. I did take a few online classes during summers while attending when it was a relatively new concept, and all I really got out of it was memorizing definitions and concepts...no REAL learning.

Some things are irreplaceable. I'd say the majority of degrees out there are impossible to properly learn by doing online courses only.

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