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Cold puck

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I'm not so sure. He has an assist, but what is going to stop him getting the same treatment that Roche got? Roche has an assist, doesn't he? Gosh it's hard to look at someone's performance when I don't get Devil broadcasts.

Because Roche was signed for his offensive abilities, which the Wild organization continously voiced. Hale was signed for his stay at home defense, which is similar to Scott Stevens. Big difference.

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I've watched almost every Devils game Hale has played in. He holds his own and has only obviously screwed up a couple of times, but he is a rookie and that is expected of them.

He was never drafted nor signed for his offensive capabilities. Roche on the other hand was looked at being a guy who could produce from the blue line.

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If you look at both teams, the Wild are younger at D, than are the Devils. Hale was originally drafted to groom him to take Scott Stevens' place when he retires, maybe in the next 2-3 years. PMart probably to take over for Niedermeyer in the future. I think Roche was drafted as noted for his potential to contribute to scoring, but also because he was gotten "on the cheap" which the Wild tend to do. Not to say that Roche isn't a good player, but after getting sent down this last time, I'm starting to think his window of opportunity may be closing with the Wild. It might be in his best interests if he got traded, since nobody claimed him off waivers this week. :)

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Paul Martin was a scratch in last night's game. Hale logged a healthy amount of even-strength time, though


Surprised to see that Hale has played more games and has more shots on goal than Martin ???


(Put the "Team" to New Jersey and "Report View" to Summary and then click Run Report in the Individual Stats Reports section.)

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