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  1. We're told the soon-to-be-retired name must go because it is "hostile and abusive" toward Native Americans. That issue has been debated on every level imaginable and can never be conclusively settled. Since our University and State leaders have now apparently agreed that UND used a hostile and abusive name for the past 70 years, it logically flows that we must somehow make amends to the Sioux tribal members against whom the Sioux name and logo created hostility and caused abuse. I can think of no better way than to let the Sioux tribal members choose, without restrictions, the name UND will use after 2011. The name with a simple majority of votes wins. Before you fall over in your seat, think about it. The tribal councils have offered many different excuses (too costly for a vote, not important enough to tribal affairs, tribal members don't know enough about the issue, tribal members are being manipulated, etc., etc.) for why only their opinion mattered and why the voice of their members was not needed. Since it would be the SBoHE behind the voting process, the council members' excuses would no longer apply and their opinions would count no more than that of any other tribal member - one member, one vote. I think we all know what name the members of the Standing Rock and Spirit Lake tribes would end up choosing. Anyone who thinks they would try to make a mockery of the process by choosing a name like Lightning, Norse, Mallards, Carp, Fighting Luftballons, or some other goofy name knows nothing about tribal culture and simply hasn't been paying attention during this process. If the tribal members re-choose "Fighting Sioux" or "Sioux" as the name UND will use after 2011, then we will have satisfied the NCAA requirements and the tribal members voices will have been heard...finally. Douple, the Summit League and others will no longer have a reason to self-righteously look down their noses at UND because the very people they told us we offended were the ones who chose the "new" name. So the next time you fire off an e-mail to Gov. Hoeven to do something, try the above suggestion. Far fetched? I suppose. Could it ever happen? I've not yet seen the courage or (Sioux) spirit in our "leaders" to suggest they will do anything but pat themselves on the back after they dictate the selection of some benign and forever-less-than-what-we-had name and then scratch their heads when the voters of the state decide they are no longer worthy of their jobs.
  2. The safest hockey helmet is simply one that fits right. You don't need to buy the most expensive helmet to have a safe helmet for a 10-yr old. A poor-fitting expensive helmet won't protect as well as a properly-fit used helmet. Make sure your son
  3. I happen to like Don Lucia and think he's one of the best coaches in the country. But this sentiment is a 180 from January of this year when the Pioneer Press quoted John Hill as saying the Grand Forks trip was Lucia's favorite: "Really, other than the fact that Don wasn't on the ice for practice, it really has been a normal week for us," Hill said. "Obviously, it'll be different up there. And I feel bad, because I know this is his most favorite road trip in the WCHA. He would love to be up there. " He later said the same thing in a Strib article: "Last weekend, when the Gophers played North Dakota in Grand Forks, Lucia missed his favorite road trip, staying home for an important medical test."
  4. I think this old SNL skit sums up Gwoz and Alana rather succinctly: Lord and Lady...
  5. diggin42


    Let me give you an assist, Goon. Not that you need my help. Jim Souhan wrote an article that appeared in Star-Tribune on March 12, 2009. Clocks might be winding down on Lemaire, Lucia. Here is some of what Souhan wrote: We thought we were set for life with our two big-time hockey coaches. We were wrong. A couple of years ago Jacques Lemaire, the only coach in Wild history, and Don Lucia, winner of two national titles at the U, probably could have signed lifetime contracts. Today, locking up Lemaire might prove impossible, and locking up Lucia might be inadvisable. Lucia is in the midst of another season of soft play and mediocre results from the once-dominant Gophers. By this time next year, Lemaire probably will be sunning himself in Florida, and Lucia could be feeling a different kind of heat. If Lemaire were less diplomatic, he might publicly blame his bosses for the Wild's dearth of talent. Lucia can make no such excuses -- he's responsible for a program that is becoming known for soft defensive play and spotty goaltending. Lucia was sidelined by an illness earlier this season. That, combined with his legacy, ensures that he'll receive the benefit of the doubt for at least another year. Lemaire is probably as good as gone. Lucia has plenty of methods and resources with which to right his powerful program, but he might not have as much time as he thinks. Personally, I think Lucia is one of the better coaches in the country and has a lengthy list of accomplishments few others have.
  6. You may remember Versteeg as the guy the Hawks got from Boston a couple of years ago in the Bochenski trade.
  7. In a May 9, 1753 letter to his friend Peter Collinson, Ben Franklin told the story of some Massachusetts commissioners who invited the local Indians to send "a half a dozen of their brightest lads" to study free at Harvard. The Indians replied that they had sent some of their young braves to study there years earlier, but on their return "they were absolutely good for nothing, being neither acquainted with the true methods of killing deer, catching Beaver, or surprizing an enemy." The Indians offered instead to educate a dozen or so New Englanders in the ways of the Indians "and make men of them."
  8. I have three tickets in Row 3 of Section E (DECC Seating Chart) for Saturday's game and can't go. Face value, or $26 each. PM me or send me an e-mail at dlveer@lycos.com if you're interested. I'm in Coon Rapids, MN.
  9. There was news a while back that WGN was going to broadcast up to 20 Blackhawks games this coming season. Here is an article from several months ago: Linky Has anyone heard any more about this? If it's true, it might save me the cost of having to take my son down there for a game again this season.
  10. Hagemo obviously has a real opportunity here. Keep in mind that Glen Wesley is still part of the Hurricanes organization. He is credited with helping baseball's Josh Hamilton turn his life around: News Observer Link My prayers are with you, Nate.
  11. Heartfelt prayers for your little man and your whole family, Bob. I pray this is just a bump in the road for him and that the experience will bring your family closer together and closer to God. St. Jude's is an amazing place and the money donated by Sioux fans and all of the people and organizations before us is a big reason why the prognosis for Will is good. Keep the faith, Bob and know that we're all pulling for you.
  12. David Hale playing solid D for Calgary so far against the Sharks. He played well all year and seemed to have found a home and then had a bad East Coast swing late in the year and found himself on the bench. He's back in the lineup and has looked good. Nice to see him make it through the entire year without his kidney acting up. Hale had Calgary's #9 Best Hit of the Year for 2007/08
  13. I was going to post this link in the "Brian Lee" thread, but it just didn't seem to fit in with the discussion there... http://sports.espn.go.com/broadband/video/...egoryId=2459791 (I believe he refers to him as Ryan Lee)
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