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NCC competitiveness in DI-AA


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After more exposure to the division (as a moderate college football fan, I never really knew anything about DI-AA because they weren't the majors and none of the teams I followed were in it), I've been claiming lately that there's a lot of overlap between D-II and DI-AA football. I honestly think the top teams in D-II would also be near the top of DI-AA, but are classified D-II because of geography/history.

After seeing a top D-II team play a top DI-AA team last Fall, here's some additional confirmation of that from the Forum: Northern Colorado proves D-I worthy

The Bears are ranked 22nd in the latest Division I-AA rankings.

UNC, in its first year of a four-year reclassification, has used five wins over Division II teams and victories against I-AA Montana State and Southern Utah to fashion a 7-2 record.

Losses were 42-33 at No. 16 Idaho State and 21-19 at No. 23 Florida Atlantic.

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.... I don't think UND could immediately be competitive nationally in any new D-I sports other than football/swimming & diving ....

I know you qualified that with a "new" (meaning excluding the existing DI hockey programs), but I think womens soccer might be right on the edge of worthy of being added to that list. The UND coach came from the Big XII and has said that the level of play at the top of the NCC is DI level.

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