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Victory Sports is carrying both St. Cloud/Sioux games this weekend but none of the cable providers around here have signed an agreement to their deal. Victory Sports wants to charge each customer who wants to carry their channel, but the cable companies don't want customers to have to do this. I guess Carl Pohlad and the Twins might not come to any agreements until the start of their season since so much money is involved and everybody is greedy, thus no college hockey as they had promised. The cable company I have is Charter, but when I called them, they said this was the same for Time Warner, Midcontinent and others. Is this true? If so, why is the company still scheduling programming when nobody is watching? I did want to watch the games from the comfort of my own home, but now have to go out and sit in the bar all weekend again. Things would be so much easier if I was still up in Grand Forks. I might have to look into grad school. :silly: It's tough to hear fans complaining about the atmosphere in the arena, at least you are lucky enough to be there. If anybody else knows more about this topic, please let me know.

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None of the big players, e.g., Comcast, TimeWarner, Charter, etc., around MSP has taken on Victory. I think a few smaller, local operators have in Mankato(?) and maybe Elk River, and probably a few more locales. They effectively want as much per subscriber as FSN, which is a pretty good chunk of change for a new channel with a pretty limited menu of events. Moreover, there is a movement in cable programming to move sports channels to a "premium" tier due to the costs involved, much as many satellite providers do, and Victory doesn't want that either.

Victory is slotted to carry Twins games not allocated to Fox or ESPN this spring, so once that option comes into view you might see more progress. But given how the bigger guns have drawn lines in the sand with regard to sports channels' costs with ESPN, Fox, etc., this could be a long affair.

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My guess is nothing happens until spring and folks start missing Twins games. Until then, I'm afraid the public outcry will me minimal and nothing will happen.

They only other group that may be able to raise as big a stink as Twins fans will be Gopher hoops fans. Now would that be an interesting alliance....MN basketball fans along with SCSU & UND hockey fans. :silly:

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