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We're number 1!, We're number 1!


When will we loose this #1 ranking, based on our play alone?  

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  1. 1. When will we loose this #1 ranking, based on our play alone?

    • After the St. Cloud series (home)
    • After the Denver series (away)
    • After the Duluth series (home)
    • We may not loose it the rest of the year!

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It is a jinx, but I think that it is a combination of the players being to comfortable at No. 1 and the other team trying to knock down the top team in the nation, (yeah, I'm a genius). As long as the players do not get too comfortable at the top we should hold it for a while. This weekend we need to sweep SCSU and show them how hockey is really played, just like we did to UM last weekend. Winning at Denver is crucial, but a sweep is not as big as this weekend series will be. I would not be surprised if we lost the No. 1 because we lost to a decent team, but some team out east gets more exposure in thier match ups against decent teams...

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At this point in the season it seems to be burdensome, but it is nice to see UND sitting there if for no other reason than it gives everyone something additional to discuss.

No kidding, any kind of controversy or other big news automatically turns into an instant poll :silly:Blaiser doesn't greet opposing coach during warmups!! Let's put this event in a poll!! ???

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Viewing the USA Today Poll, I noticed that Cornell is ranked #11 when last week they weren't ranked. Why does this matter? Well Harvard, currently ranked #12 went up this week from #14. How can a team that was unranked last week surpass a ranked team, let alone 3 of them?

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I don't find it surprising at all. Whether or not UMD was the first test of an undefeated team, there has to be some votes for a team that has gone 5-0 in conference and is undefeated overall. Do those votes mean anything? No, unless you are looking for recognition. The poll setters recognize SCSU's record by giving them 2 votes. That's all.

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