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It's not so much trying to compare programs. It's all the smack that you people posted on mainly the Forum, BV, and here on SS of how last years UND team had a higher GPI than NDSU. We are not comparing us to you, but rather defending ourselves. I love all the DaveK comments last fall. As far as I'm concerned at this point, DaveK represents UND football fans, and he is the leader. He is truly an expert, and from now on I gauge UND fans after him.

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Normally I'd say act like you've been there before but.........well, you've never been there before. When I saw this title I thought it was going to read

As a BISON FAN, whats it going to be like on Saturday having a home playoff game? I've never been to one before and I'm really excited for the JV team coming to Fargo.

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