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Here are the stats from week 1:


Stauss 22/31 165yds 0TD


Bowenkamp 12/15 177yds 1TD

Edge: Bowenkamp. It's worth noting that NDSU played a much more difficult opponent, unfortunately that can't be factored into the purely statistical golden arm measurement. If it's true (as some Bison fans claim) that the 2003 Bison are the best team in the history of D2 rather than Montana just being highly overrated (as seemed likely to anyone who watched the 2nd half), we'll see that excellence reflected in coming weeks when the Bison begin to play lowly NCC competition. Regardless, one has to tip his hat to the Bison for their win this week that few thought possible.

It's also worth noting that UND played 4 different quarterbacks over the course of their game.

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Everybody knows the Prestigious Golden Arm Award presentation takes place on the D2football.com board.
Oh, how wrong you are. An NDSU fan brought it here first (before he realized the humiliation NDSU's quarterbacks would suffer by such a direct comparison) -- I just kept it going because NDSU fans became mysteriously quiet last season. Comparing quarterback stats to the former football power at NDSU should not be confined to a for-fee site to which most Sioux fans do not subscribe.
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You know the official spokesman of the Prestigious Golden Arm Award is no longer allowed on this site :glare: .

Only starting QB's are allowed to compete for the Prestigious Golden Arm Award. Otherwise, NDSU's Rod Malone would have walked away with the award hands down. 1 for 1, 20 yards, 1 TD. QB rating of 598 :huh:

UND's game was nearly voted a scrimmage, which would have made UND ineligible for the award. The vote was 8-7.

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Week 2


Bowenkamp 23/40 244 1TD 1INT


Stauss 20/31 187 1INT

Edge: Bowenkamp. Stauss had a noticeably better completion percentage (.65 vs .58), but the significantly higher overall passing yards, yards per completion, and touchdown give a definite edge to Bowenkamp. (BTW-- Shoutin' Ed Schultz, the official Golden Arm spokesman, is welcome anytime).

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  • 2 months later...

I've been negligent in keeping up the stats, and, understandably, Bison fans' interest in publicly talking about the Goldern Arm comparison has waned (however, they will remind you that they won some championships in the 80s).

Here are the end of the season stats.

Edge Bowenkamp: Rushing yds, rushing TDs, pass efficiency, passing yards/game, passing TDs, INTs, longest pass

Edge Stauss: Pass Completion %

(pass yds/Att-Cmp intentionally omitted because they are easily calculated from included stats)

RUSHING         GP  Att Gain Loss  Net   Avg  TD Long Avg/G
John Bowenkamp  10   24   82   30   52   2.2   1   11   5.2
Tony Stauss     11   28    6  160 -154  -5.5   0    3 -14.0

PASSING         GP   Effic Att-Cmp-Int   Pct  Yds  TD Lng Avg/G
John Bowenkamp  10  152.22  281-183-5   65.1 2247  20  69 224.7
Tony Stauss     11  133.77  325-220-7   67.7 2134  15  43 194.0[/code]

Looks like Stauss lived up to past reputation:

Do "sacks against" and "yards lost to sacks" count against the passing numbers?
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Wow, a negative 5.5 yards every time Stauss totes the ball? It looks like he had better start working on those "golden feet" or those I-AA defensive linemen are going to have him eating alot of turf next year! :glare:

In college football sacks count against a quarterbacks rushing totals, I can't remember more than a handful of times Stauss actually "ran" the ball. :D

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"In college football sacks count against a quarterbacks rushing totals, ... " and attempts.

Stauss doesn't run the ball and yet had more "rush attempts" than Bowenkamp. I'll buy that, but it also means that Stauss was sacked more times (obviously for loss).

Let's see, he doesn't run and is sack-prone.

I can see them pinning their ears back now. :glare:

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