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Any Sioux fans in Gillette, WY?


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I'd like to live there - any good jobs there :sad: - How far are you from Devils Tower are you

If you work in the oil and gas industry, like I do, or the coal industry, there are jobs here. It's expensive to live here though, even more so than Grand Forks. I'm about 50 miles from Devils Tower, more or less. It's easy to see from I-90 while you are driving. One of the drawbacks to Gillette, however, is that I can't find the damn game anywhere!! I'd watch or listen on my computer, but my internet connection is not great enough to support either options.

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JACKPOT!!! I've located a bar in town that in fact gets the game! There will be kareoke going on while the game is on, but that's fine by me, I think I'd rather listen to bad singing before I listen to Frank anyway. Now if Doug is drunk like I'm certain he was this morning, that would be fine. So.....if any of you Sioux fans are here in Gillette, I'll be at the Sundance Lounge at the National 9 Hotel with my black swift on. Come say hi!

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