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  1. wyomingsiouxfan

    Albany or Worcester Regional...

    Was Ben Scrivens under the desk the entire time that Melrose was talking?? Wow. We get it, he's a good goalie...IN THE IVY LEAGUE!! Cheverie is by far the class of college hockey when it comes to goalies...despite this weekend. Melrose is nuts.
  2. wyomingsiouxfan

    Albany or Worcester Regional...

    Why do I always forget about Becky Badger? Sioux rubes who are smarter than I am.....are we happy with where we are, or are we a little pissed that SCSU is in STP while we are going to Mass?? Did we just get screwed a little?
  3. wyomingsiouxfan

    Albany or Worcester Regional...

    I personally can't stand Barry Melrose. He'd be easier to listen to if he did just a little research before putting that nasty mullet on the air. John Buccigross said at the beginning of the UND-SCSU highlight that both teams knew they were in the tournament and fairly even. Melrose says, "North Dakota had to win this one to get in." With Denver going to Albany, is there still a shot of us going to St. Paul or not??
  4. wyomingsiouxfan

    DI Conference Speculation

    Nobody had even brought Chapman's name up until you decided to go there. Stay classy......DAN!
  5. wyomingsiouxfan

    Dickinson State Softball Girls Missing

    I attended DSU for a year before transferring to UND. You're right, the campus is very tight and close knit. I pray for the safe return of these girls. GO HAWKS!
  6. wyomingsiouxfan

    Sioux game on Sirius radio tonight

    I'm listening at kfgo.com. Working pretty well, except for the moron who feels the need to talk about the weather after every commercial.
  7. wyomingsiouxfan


    So, apparently these guys didn't learn that if you want to bust your own stuff up, you probably shouldn't be throwing it into the street! Hahaha. Wow Linky I wonder if Finley gave a false name like Michael Vick used to. Finley is now Ron Mexico!!
  8. wyomingsiouxfan

    2009 Season

    Just taking a look at the schedule, I'm excited to see a couple of 4pm start times for home games. That should improve attendance figures, however, if the Al isn't SOLD OUT for meetings with South Dakota and Cal Poly, then there are huge problems! Only 47 more days left and I can't wait!!
  9. wyomingsiouxfan

    The Drive

    I was in high school in Rhame when the Sioux won that game. I was yelling so loud on the long catch and run to the one yard line and again on the touchdown that I literally lost my voice!! What an exciting game and to watch it again was so cool. Great game!
  10. wyomingsiouxfan

    Moving Broadcasting In-House?

    UND has taken their broadcasting "in-house." That means that UND is now responsible for the sales of advertising and the production of the games and they will buy air-time from their affiliates. Nothing much will change when it's considered where the games can be heard in Grand Forks as the Clear Channel stations have gotten the bid to carry the sports again. It could be an exciting time for UND.
  11. wyomingsiouxfan

    Texas Tech Prospectus

    Very nice find Geaux. I couldn't help but crack up at the mixup with NDSU. If I were him, I wouldn't have even mentioned it as long as it was fixed. I read this and became so excited for the season to start! It can't come quick enough and I'm on board for an App. State like upset!! Go Sioux!
  12. wyomingsiouxfan

    Cap and Trade

    SiouxSports used to be a fun website to read and discuss topics on. The past couple of days with this "Cap and Trade" bull, this site has turned into the comments section of the Herald, Tribune, Forum....what have you. I liked knowing that I could come to SiouxSports to read about my Fighting Sioux. If I wanted to read this crap I'd go to the Political Forum at Rube Chat. Have fun, GO SIOUX!
  13. wyomingsiouxfan

    New Uniforms?

    I think if UND went this route with the new unis, they would still be the sweetest sweaters in college hockey!! Nice work Big A HG, you found your calling!!
  14. wyomingsiouxfan

    Look on the bright side

    DaveK, I'm sure you are a nice guy, but I grow tired of reading your out of touch posts. I'm a Sioux fan, I support keeping the Sioux logo, but the name and logo is not the reason that I cheer for the teams or donate to the athletic department. I was saddened to learn about the fate of the name and logo on Thursday, but I am still looking forward to the football team taking the field against Tech, the hockey team rolling over Minnesota and all of the other teams having success at the Division 1 level. I've cheered for these teams for my whole life, I attended the University of North Dakota, and now I'm a donor to UND athletics and NONE of that will change simply because the name and logo is changing.
  15. wyomingsiouxfan


    American Express announced today that they are closing their Dickinson office. 150 people will now be unemployed. That's a big number for a town the size of Dickinson. The recession has hit the gas fields of Wyoming.....as of this past Friday, I'm proof! Anyone hiring?? Hahaha