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UND vs NDSU?!?!


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I heard that UND and NDSU are both in the same tournament. The Drake tournament. Anyone else have any info on this tournament? Ill go down if that is true.

I don't know if anyone knows whether we're in the same tournament yet. The Drake Regency Classic has been going on for several years but Drake started a new tourney just last year, the Iowa Realty Invitational. I've heard both the Bison and Sioux will be playing in Drake tournaments, but I haven't heard anyone say exactly which one in either case.

Anyone else have info?

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I believe that they will be playing in two seperate tournaments. At least this is what I had originally heard. I believe that one is going to be at the beginning of the season and the other over the holidays. However, when I heard this the teams for the tournaments were not set in stone.

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UND and NDSU will NOT be playing in the same tournament at Drake this upcoming season. NDSU is playing in a Drake tourney this fall (2008), UND will be playing in a Drake tournament in the fall of 2009.

I believe I may have started this rumor :glare: , but I know now that UND will not be participating in either of Drake's tournaments this upcoming season.

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