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Trupp to Play in Denver


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I believe the lines in practice today were:

Oshie, Duncan, Kozek

Kaip, Watkins, Frattin

VandeVelde, Martens, Miller

Zajac, Radke, Malone

Scratch "line": Trupp, Davidson, Forney

I would be really surprised if Trupp does not replace Miller....but we shall see

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I've got no problem with those lines. I'd like to see Trupp replace Miller, but I can live with the lines as posted. IF Trupper is truly hurt, then I do believe that is the best product we've got.

I think we see a big game out of Frattin. He strikes me as a gamer. Maybe its the goal he scored vs MSU to start the season, maybe its the 40 goals in MJHL as well as being drafted, but I think he is a guy who will step up.

I'm not too woried about our forward lines stacking up. I am a bit concerned about the d being able to keep those shifty little bastards from BC on the outside and not get beat. If Gerbe gets a step, he is gone. Defense can not get turned around. I would actually prefer (unlike my typical preference) for our d corps to be collapsing full speed to the bottom of the circles and then stepping up. If they step up at the blue line, I can just see Gerbe dancing around Joe wide and outside, then cutting in at the circle uggghhh.

Can't give them good looks. Can't surrender odd-mans. Play strong d, be strong on the stick, don't be afraid to bang. This time of year, there are no ugly goals, just goals. I'll take Kaiper's goal in Madison just the same as I'd take the old TJ drop pass to Duncs to hit two pipes and in.

8.5 hours

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