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  1. CDog

    USD @ UND

    I think that USD team really lives and dies by the jump shot. Last night they must have died by it.
  2. CDog

    Is There Another Win on the Schedule?

    I don't really even need to post here anymore because you pretty much say everything that I'm thinking. There is no true point guard on this team, and sadly, the best ball handler might be Mertens and he's like a bull in a China shop.
  3. CDog

    Is There Another Win on the Schedule?

    I will once again throw out the name that I pushed for before Jones was hired: Craig Smith. I was at the game tonight, and I can assure you that the Sioux played with no emotion, no hustle, no heart, and worst of all, no pride. With the embarrassment of losing to Mayville State hanging over their heads the entire night, they did nothing to stop it.
  4. CDog

    "Chapman's Mansion Way Over the Top"

    Comparing Dr. Ego's mansion with the building of the Ralph Engelstad Arena leaves you with little or no credibility.
  5. I can't answer your question directly, but I can add this to the discussion: there is a similar golf/hockey tournament being held in Faribault Thursday and Friday. I've seen the celebrity list for that event and it lists many of the same players as confirmed attendees. Something doesn't quite add up.
  6. CDog

    Voting Results

    This same band has canceled their Thursday concert in Fargo. Does that mean that the Bison nickname has to go as well?
  7. CDog

    2009 NCAA Tournament

    Watched it too. The 12 point halftime deficit proved to be just a little too much. They battled hard to get it down to 4 but just couldn't get over the hump. How great was it to watch Jake calmly working the sideline?
  8. CDog

    Sioux v. Mary

    Well said.
  9. CDog

    Nickname/Logo Affecting Conference Affiliation

    What did you ask Taylor and what was his reply? I'm curious because somebody's story doesn't add up. Either Douple is lying or Taylor is.
  10. 2 tickets for Friday's game in section 315 and 4 tickets for Saturday's game in section 315. If interested, contact me at grandcitiesguy@yahoo.com
  11. CDog

    Tonight's Game

    Ben Fransen is the shorter ref that looks like one of the Hans and Franz characters from SNL. He's from Fargo and he's done a ton of UND games. I wasn't there but he should know better in a game like that.
  12. Hagemo was cut by the Blades. He was offered a contract but was told playing time would be limited. He opted to try catch on with another ECHL team but hasn't yet.
  13. CDog

    former players

    Drew Stafford had a very slick back-hander in the shoot-out tonight for Buffalo.
  14. CDog

    former players

    He's making more money and playing far less games.